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PKMN Cursed Wizard - Ginomaru Canyon by War8, visual art

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FR Tileset -Part 1- by War8, visual art

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MHM Noviembre 2011 - Pokemon Dark Lithium by War8, visual art

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FR Scan for Challenge by War8, visual art

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New Tiles for Ulterra Wars by War8, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
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My Bio
Hello, I'm War wahackforo.com/u-War a Rom Hacker, Spriter, Mapper and Tiler...
I discovered the RH world at about April 2010, but I only used No$GBA to play Pokémon Fire Red, which I never finished... In May, I downloaded some RH tools, and I made some crappy stuff with them...
On June, I joined the Whack a Hack Forum, a very famous spanish forum...
I opened a sprite store...
I sucked, my sprites were just recolors and other begginer sprites...
With the time, I made new friends, and I improved in spriting...
By November-December, I already knew basic scratching, and I was nominated for spriter of the Year, with Seiyouh, Trevor and Zein...
Finally, Zein won the competition, and I end at ssecond place with Seiyouh...
Then, by about January and February, I continued scratching, and making many good sprites, and in January, I participated in the Spriter's Contest of January, which was kind of corrupted, however, I get 3rd price on Fake and 1st place on scratch, which where the categories I wanted to won... I decided then. to start a Mario Sprite project, full of 16 color 64x64 pixel scratchs... I finally left that project, because I wouldn't be able to finish it... I continued spriting and improving, until becoming what I'm today... I started my hack on March, with my great friend Rainsonata, and we actually have many maps, and the base tiles we're using on the hack... However, we still have to make alot of new maps and tiles in order to have a very good beta, we don't want anyone asking when we're going to release a beta, because we're working slow to give very good maps and playing... I participated in the 1st Map Contest in WaH, which was corrupt, more than a Mapping contest, was a Tiling contest... I was defeated in the Quarter Finals 5-4 against Gershel...

Current Residence: Unknown
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Metal (including their sub-genres).
Favourite style of art: Pixel Art
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Goku and Itachi
Personal Quote: "Cuando nos miramos, no sólo nuestra mirada se entrelaza"

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Johann Sebastian Bach, etc.
Favourite Writers
Edgar Allan Poe
Favourite Games
Pókemon Emerald and Pokémon Fire Red
Favourite Gaming Platform
Gameboy Advance
Other Interests
Music, Soccer, Science, Atheism, Bass and Guitar playing, Video Games, Women

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Bueh, ésto se lo he copiado a Aleatory xd Le temo a... [] La oscuridad. [ ] Quedarme soltero para siempre. [ ] Ser padre/madre [ ] Dar a luz. [ ] Ser yo mismo en frente de los demás. [ ] Espacios muy abiertos. [ ] Lugares cerrados. [ ] Alturas. [ ] Perros. [ ] Pájaros. [ ] Peces. [] Arañas. [ ] Flores u otras plantas. Total hasta ahora: 0 [ ] Ser tocado. [ ] Fuego. [ ] Aguas profundas. [ ] Serpientes. [ ] Seda. [ ] El océano. [] El fracaso. [ ] El éxito. [ ] Truenos/relámpagos. [ ] Ranas/sapos. [ ] El papá de mi novio/a. [ ] La mamá de mi novio/a. [ ] Ratas. [x] S
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English: Well, as many of my friends should know, I'm going on a trip to Italy on Friday for 2 weeks. My parents gave me many things I should need, just as a Camera, a Cellphone and other things. So today or on 3 days more less I'm uploading some photos for some of my friends to know how i'm are xD Well, by Thusrday all of my recent work and some not so recent will be uploaded. I will also like to anounce that probably I'm not taking my computer, so i'll not do any sprite, and if I take it, probably I'm not posting anything here. Good luck to all of you, and have a nice day ñ_ñ Español: Lean en inglés xd
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Hello! I wanted to ask something... Lately I've been looking upon some pkmn hacks (since I didn't want anything to do with the new generations) and yours "Dark Lithium" sounded interesting... but I can't find it anywhere to download! So, I just want to know what happened with it, please.
I like your wonderful pixel art, if you wish to join an amazing pixel art community check out this website! piq.codeus.net/
te teggie en otro journal jaja espero que sigas por ahi :D
Se que estas muerto en DA pero de todos modos te Taggie en un journal, hazlo solo si acomodas, si no, no hay problema.
Buenas, Hoko! re-abrirá sus puertas a las 14:00 hora española.  foros.hoko.tk/
Saludos! :3

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