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Battle in Atlas Park


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Battle in Atlas Park


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Battle in Atlas Park

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MindyMarvel vs SouthernRebelle

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I am Kitten

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Searching for the Rose

This is Peter Thermopoli with a WNN Special report. I'm at Demiter Park where a strange series of events has recently occured. I've reported here in Angel Falls for 15 years and don't recall ever seeing quite this happening. Earlier today a man is a dark brown cloak appeared walking twards the center of Demiter Park. When a purse snatcher took off with a womans purse through the park. While not uncommon until the woman who screamed and got the Cloaked Man's attention. He made a simple gesture, and a gust of wind picked up the Man and flug him back 25 feet back to the feet of the woman who's purse he had tried to run off with. Now to add to


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The Moth

From the Porch

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I am Kitten


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Snow shoes to go in

Snow in N.Carolina

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New Plans Abound Pt 1

Another busy day in Angel Falls. People go about their work, the ships being repaired in the many shipyards. The Ports loading and unloading cargo ships full of goods. The water of the inlet calm even in the balmy wintery day leaving most of Angel Falls cold. While everything looks normal down at the Shipyards, one shipyard is refusing any new ships not owned by a group called Esprit. Four massive ships by the Esprit Corporation sit at the North Angels Inlet Shipyard.  As they sit there is no actions that can be seen. No ship workers, no cranes, not cargo, just a stilled quiet. On lookers may or may not notice the activities or la


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Hungry Squirrel

Dragonflies and such

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Black Balling the Election pt5

"Princess? PRINCESS!", Mindy takes off after Black Ball in a fury. As she catches up to him she attempts to jump on and tackle him trying to end the run short. However, to her surprise she hits something as he suddenly changes directions and is thrown off of him to the pavement. Pounding the ground in frustration, Mindy takes off again. Black Ball still charging ahead, laughing as he comes up to a Warehouse and then barrels into it. Mindy still following him gaining ground quickly as she gets in front of him, throwing a punch with all her rage. The force of the blow still seems to hit something other then Black Ball as he simply stumbles a b

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