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To Submit Work:
Any piece of WfA-related artwork can be submitted to this group. When submitting, please be sure that you select the right Gallery (there are a lot of them, and hopefully one for everything!).

Submission Rules:
:bulletblue: Submissions MUST be WfA-related.
:bulletblue: Submissions MUST be placed in the correct gallery to be accepted.
:bulletblue: You do not have to participate actively in WfA to submit work, but you do need to be a member of the group.





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Artists in this book include:

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:bulletyellow:  dA Links - FAQ  •  About Us
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Hello, friends!  If you have stumbled across War for Arcadia via dA, chances are you have a lot of questions about who we are and what we do.  This journal entry will act as a springboard for all of your War for Arcadia-related questions!  We are a forum-based group, and many introductory questions (rules, etc) can be accessed on our website,  Here are a few handy links to get you started:

:bulletblack:  [Beginner's Guide]
:bulletblack:  [Official Rules]

Questions?  Ask away!  We have answers, and we'd be happy to get any interested parties started on their journey to comic battling.  Common questions will be listed below:

:bulletred:  Q:  What is War for Arcadia?
:bulletpink:  A:  War for Arcadia is a forum-based comic battle website where artists from all over the world meet to network and improve.  You can check out our About Us page on dA, or visit our homepage to find out more!

:bulletred:  Q:  "Comic battle?"  What is that?
:bulletpink:  A:  There are two factions in War for Arcadia, and users who wish to battle must first join one of these two factions.  The factions compete for control of a map board, and artists from each faction are matched against each other approximately once a month.  Once matched, one artist will have a week to draw the first of the battle.  The artist on the opposing faction will then have a week to write a response, picking up where the first artist left off.  This happens for a total of four cycles, debate-style.  At the end, all forum users can vote on who they feel was the "winner" of that battle, and the winner's team takes control of a map square.  Many battles happen simultaneously!

:bulletred:  Q:  Can I use one of my existing original characters in WfA?
:bulletpink:  A:  As long as your character is not someone else's copyrighted material and as long as it exists free from a background based in any pre-copyrighted material, sure!

:bulletred:  Q:  Is there any way to submit a character for approval on dA?
:bulletpink:  A:  Not at the moment.  However, feel free to post your character ideas as a reply to any journal post or the front page if you want feedback!  All character submissions/approvals take place on in the forum.

Have another question?  Post a reply!
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