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Cream and Amy 1

Request from DarkSonic250; Amy playfully tickling Cream with a feather.
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Can you try doing Cream getting tickled by her own mother and pet Chao?
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Amy: Let me tickle your feet~! :icontickleplz:

Cream: :giggle: That tickles, Amy~!
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Can you do one of Sonic tickling Amy with a feather?
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Is it Garry's Mod?
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Very cute. I miss watching that cartoon.
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It was an anime.
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Hee! Cream gets the Giggles.XD Thanks A lot!^^ Next Time I like to See A vanilla Pic Getting Tickled.XD
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Don't worry, that will come soon enough!
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How cream covered her mouth while Amy feather tickles her foot is all too adorable. Excellent work ^^.

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Awwww they look so cute. I love your use of bright colors
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this looks less dull and more colorful :D
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you're welcome
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interesting, child torturing(or lower tickling). do pic, where blaze tickles silver, the writed version about it is not enough. i need pic"todiste"(finnish words means i dont know english word.
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