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Hello everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know that there is a competition at the WMB forum occurring right now! The contest involves making components of a Legend of Zelda dungeon with a specific theme you have to incorporate. There are multiple categories such as boss design, item design, map design, etc. that an entrant can participate in (only one category per entrant). There will be forum badge awards as well for the winners! Sign up is currently still open for about a week (may be extended).

Follow the link for details/if you are interested:…

THIS IS FOR FORUM MEMBERS ONLY! You are welcome to join the forum and join in the fun. We would love some new members! Hope to see you there.

It has come to my attention recently that this group has been a little bit neglected of late. And, since Midna has now returned, there has been an influx of great new Midna fan-art to go around. So, now I'm promising to keep a better eye on this group and keep it more active.

From now on I will be reviewing submissions and replying to notes - if your submissions or notes have gone ignored before now, please, resend them, and I will get to them right away!

That being said, I'd like to remind everyone that the featured folder is only by invitation, for example if you make the Fan Art Corner - any submissions to the featured folder are declined outright, and I've had to deny some really great pieces because they weren't submitted to the right folder!

So submit away, Midna fans! Let's gather together some amazing fan art of one of our favourite video game characters ever!
Hey guys!

We're hoping you could take a moment to help us out. As some of you may know, Want Midna Back was originally a website and forum, and we made this deviantART page to gain some more publicity. The forum is a place where we readily discus ways we could bring Midna back. We've been in contact with Nintendo before, and we plan to do it again.

Unfortunately, our forum is in a little corner of the internet where very few stumble across. On the contrary, there are over 400 members and watchers here, most of whom aren't registered on the forums. And we're guessing, since you're here, that you want Midna back, too.

The favor we're asking is that you head on over to and sign yourself up and join in on the forums. Once you're there, just introduce yourself and everyone will make you feel welcome. ^_^

Thanks guys - hope to be seeing you all soon!…
Exactly one month ago, I announced a writing contest for which the prize was a game for either Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, DS or 3DS. However, regrettably, there were no submissions for this contest. So, today, what should have been the day of judgement, is the day of second chances. Send me your submissions via note soon and the winner will be chosen in a month.

In case the details of the contest are a little hazy, here they are again: To participate, simply write a short prologue for a Zelda-based fan-fiction. The rules, much to your dismay, I’m sure, are fairly run-of-the-mill:

* No plagiarism,

* No submission from a preexisting fan-fic written by the contestant,

* No additional chapters

Once again, good luck to any and all contestants. Happy writing!

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