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DNA Art: Pineapple

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This was some work I did last summer for the John T. Macdonald Miami Gene Team ([link]). I didn't get paid, since I'm without a green card and also, I was an 'intern' of sorts. That is to say, all I really did was sit in the kitchen, making chai tea and eating the saltine crackers. I did do some survey work as well...but I don't want to think about that.

They only used this one out of the WHOLE series ([link]), usually I'd be pissed, but this was one of my favourite ones, so I'll let it slide...

This was a combination of photo-manipulation and I'm putting it in mixed media


The numbers/letters in the bottom right hand corner are the codes you need to find the sequence in the NCBI library.

I'd rather this wouldn't be copied and/or stolen, because it's a commission.
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I really like this one. It looks splashy with it's leaves and caught my attention.