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Lethian War



Shortly after becoming the Sart'a, Saras' fears were realized as the Zartax corporation began moving into Lethia, quickly expanded and beginning mining operations due to their technological advantage. With many new resources available, the corporation began a surprise campaign to take over the Earth.

Sophia and her entire SEAL team were incapacitated in a gas attack on her base. Awakened in a jungle prison, Sophia realized she was in the new world: Lethia.

Her Zartaxian captors underestimated her and she escaped after freeing her team. Unfortunately, enemy fire forced her into the jungle before more prisoners could be freed.

Sophia ran into Sara shortly after her escape and surrendered. Sara took her before the Queen and an alliance was formed.

Being unarmed and both much smaller and weaker than the Lethians, the Queen asked Malara, goddess of innovation and fantasy, to bless the humans with weapons so that they could help fight their common enemy. Malara looked deep into Sophia's mind and saw her childhood admiration of the She-Hulk comics. Soon, Sophia was swelling with power, growing taller as muscles bulged out all over her body and her regulation hair quickly cascaded down her back. Finally, her skin became green as her new armor and weapons spawned.

Aided by the Lethians, she quickly planned a rescue for her fellow soldiers.

For: :iconmuscle-fan-comics:

Artwork By: :iconwantedwaifus:

A Muscle Fan member request for Saul. To make your own commission request and read all of our female muscle comics, purchase a 1-month membership to Muscle Fan!
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