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Hi everyone. Running slow this afternoon. If it's warm where you live then go enjoy it but if it's cold, like here, then GO BACK TO BED!!!! Love someone today guys. Love ya

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VERY MATURE READING!!! If you are under 18 then go away (come back when you're 18 and read). Danny and I are into light bondage but it wasn't until I met Deborah that I would experience my first dungeon. My first night with her we didn't use the room (Mistress Deborah story). Whenever she wants me, which is usually four or five times a month, she loves the mistress/slave role play and then afterwards she does a complete one-eighty and submits in bed. A couple of times each month she likes to have two slaves which is where my love eventually came in and again she likes to take it to a threesome afterwards.
Late one night as Danny was fucking my brains out, my phone which was on my pillow, started blowing up. "People are always calling at the most improper time", I said, but I wasn't going to answer it so I ignored it. Second time ignored. Third time ignored. When my love lays into me nothing else matters however on the fourth time he looked over at my phone. "It's Deb", he said. "Fuck her sweetie. Don't stop" as I tightened my legs around his waist and continued with some heavy kissing. I reached over, grabbed the phone and tossed it to the floor. My phone spends a lot of time on the floor. It wasn't until the next morning that I checked my phone which had six text messages and three voicemails all from her and all pretty much the same, "Fri 7pm. will nd u 4 the night. will pic u up. wear coat + tie. commando. HB u got this". Pissed off I texted back "Got it and don't call me late night r ur gonna listen 2 Danny fucking my brains out next time!!" That Friday night I was all dressed up as requested and was putting on my tie when the doorbell rang. Danny, wearing nothing but his briefs and t-shirt, went to answer it. He returned all smiles, "dude she looks fucking hot tonight. I'm actually jealous". "Really?". "Fuck yes". As I walked past Danny he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into him. Hugging me tight, "Please, please, PLEASE be careful babe. You know I worry. Text me when you get to the restaurant, when you leave it and when you get to her house. I want her address when you do". "Yes, MOM. I will!". "You know why I'm concerned. I don't know this bitch". "I know. I will be careful. What are your plans tonight?". "Trace and Eric are coming over for a late dinner". "BULLSHIT!! Dinner my ass!! I know what you're planning", I said smiling. Smiling back, "Babe, it takes two guys to replace you in bed". "OK, now I know you're bullshitting". He then kissed me deep as he squeezed my ass in full view of her as she watched from the living room. Danny then approached her, "I don't know you but he is willing to trust you so I will to, for now. He's my world. If you hurt him...", just then she put her lips to his as she reached down and cupped her hand over his bulge. "I wouldn't hurt either of you yummy treats. Maybe sometime you could join us?", she said looking him up and down. She took me by the hand and quite literally pulled me out the door as I blew my love a kiss. I've never known a female as aggressive as her. Actually I've never known anyone as aggressive as her.
She did look fucking sexy. She was wearing a black mini-dress that had a deep plunging neckline and was backless down to the top of her ass. She was wearing what looked like six inch heels which she removed to drive. Once seated I could see she was commando herself and her deep, plunging neckline fell loose and you could easily see her nipples. The only thing clothing her that night was about a yard of material, at best!! If a strong wind came up she would be naked. We fishtailed out of the parking lot as she drove like a bat out of hell in her new Chevy camero. She reached over and gently gripped my bulge. "Nice. I see you're ready. Now, finger me". As she spread her thighs, I reached over, cupped my left hand under her juice box and slipped my middle finger in knuckles deep. She made a low moaning "Oh Godddd" and leaned her head back, eyes closed all while zipping down the interstate at about seventy-five. "Uh Deborah...the road", I said as I started to pull out. "Don't move your fucking hand" she said in an almost demonic tone. "Yeah, but the road", I said again. "FUCK!!" was all she said as she quickly took the next exit, her camero taking the curve like it was on rails. She begin looking around. I thought maybe she was looking for the restaurant when suddenly she whipped into a Walmart parking lot and went to the furthest, darkest corner parking next to some big rigs. She threw it in park, turned off the lights but not the engine and climbed over to my side sitting on my knees stripping me from the waist down to my ankles. "I can't wait and this won't take long. Good boy. You're commando" she said as she was biting at my lips and ears.
She reached down and pulled the lever that laid my seat back and then she pulled off her dress in like two seconds. That quick. No straps, no zippers, no buttons, nothing! Came off of her like a t-shirt. She was like a hungry lioness grabbing my cock and sliding down on it with a very long moan. She commenced to fucking me right there as I grabbed her at the waist and started sucking on her tits. "Bite them. Bite them hard". I did and she went fucking nuts literally chewing on my lips and ears. Biting me on my neck. "OH my God. This bitch is sadistic and I'm loving it", I thought. "Tell me when you're gonna cum". "Absofuckinglutely", I replied. The last thing I need is some bitch getting pregnant. Her pussy was so wet and warm and felt soooo good sliding up and down. She was fierce, like some wild animal in heat needing relief. After only a few moments she had a very powerful squirting orgasm coating my cock at which time I was about to cum. "I'm gonna cum", as she quickly came off me and replaced her pussy with her mouth taking my load mixed with her juices down her throat. I just grabbed two handfuls of hair and held her head down as I filled her throat. She never once gagged. After I finished she then licked up and down the shaft, took the last little amount from the tip, then pressed her lips to mine and played tonsil hockey. After several minutes of deep, heavy kissing, "You'll pay for holding my head down". Smiling at her I just simply said, "Fuck you bitch. Bring it on". I wasn't sure what she meant by the "pay back" statement but I was pretty damn sure I was gonna regret that last part I just said and yet I got the feeling this was the kind of attitude she likes (I would later learn I was right). She stepped out of the car naked and slipped her dress back on then climbed across me digging her knee into my bulge while smiling. My lap was drenched in sweat and our juices. She reached back and produced a towel from her gym bag. As we drove off, hopefully the restaurant this time, I cleaned myself up and got redressed. Cock in - check. Shirt tucked in - check. Tie straightened- check. I had never fucked in a coat and tie before so that was a first. When we walked in at the restaurant she was instantly recognized by the gentleman at the door who escorted us straight back to a U-shaped booth. "I trust this is to your liking?". "It is, John, thank you", she said and slipped him a folded up bill. We sat at the back of the booth where she kept one hand on my thigh, occasionally cupping it over my bulge and gently squeezing. "Oh my. You stay hard don't you? I'm loving my new boy toy more and more. We just need to adjust your attitude and I WILL adjust it". "FUCK!!", was my only thought. We were no doubt the center of attention. Guys heads kept turning in our direction. after a while I dropped my shyness (and, YES, I do have a little shyness in me. I know that's hard to believe) and was feeling quite proud to be where I was at. These guys were wishing they were in my place. Twice she got up to go to the ladies room and you could follow all the guys heads as they watched her walk by, no doubt she enlarged a few. One guy sitting nearby watched her go by, then turned back to me at which point I just mouthed, "Yeah, that's my cougar and I'm hitting that" as he slowly shook his head either in disbelief or awe and then turned his attention back to the party at his table. She returned and sat down instantly cupping her hand back over my bulge and as she did so a young, absolutely gorgeous brunette passed by the table. She suddenly recognized Deborah and stopped. "Oh, hi Deb". "Hi Sandra. what brings you here?". "tom's working late and I didn't want to eat at home". "You?". "I'm treating my favorite nephew to dinner". "Nephew? Deb you're way too young to have such a handsome young guy as this for a nephew. I'm Julie", she said holding her hand out.
Being a perfect gentleman, I took and kissed the top of her hand, "Thomas". "Deb, where did you find this guy? I need a nephew so polite". "Young man, you are so lucky to have such an adoring aunt. It's obvious you're her favorite", she said looking straight at Deb's hand that was partially hidden by the table cloth and she was making it known she knew Deborah's little secret. "Deb. You just have to let me borrow your "nephew" sometime. Well, I'll let you get back to what you were doing. Bye Deb". "Bye Julie". "Bitch" Deborah said in a low tone. "She can just want on. That's not happening". Turned on by her aggressiveness I slid my hand onto her thigh and begin running my hand up and down it. "Ohhh, that's what mommy wants". "Please, can we not say mommy? It's kind of a turn off", I asked. "OK. that's what your Mistress wants then". "Better", I replied. After finishing our meal and half a bottle of wine she leaned into my ear, got a mouthful and bit and then said "let's get the fuck out of here". We headed to her house which I still didn't know where it was at but I texted Danny the address, as promised, hoping she was telling me right. From the moment we stepped out of her car we were raping each other. Easy for me, I pushed it off her shoulders and it fell to her feet, presto she's naked whereas I left a trail of clothing from the garage to her playroom. After a quick strip of my clothes she was on her knees, biting at my cock. "I really need it again sweetie but first things first cutie and then I'm all yours". She pulled back away from my cock, pre-cum on her lips which she licked clean. She stood up and put a leather collar on me as we kissed and then she leaned down and bit for-holy-fucking-ever on my nipple as she reached around and clawed at my ass. Next she put wrist restraints on me stopping now and then to run her hands over my chest and stomach. "My God your smooth. Like a newborn baby's". She then knelt down and put on my ankle restraints again stopping now and then to run her tongue up and down my thighs periodically kissing them. Her tongue then made a path from my thigh to my mouth as we again lip locked and she also tried to find China. I have more people try to find China by way of my mouth of course Danny leads that expedition everytime! She then fitted a ballgag on me and lead me to the playroom by the leash on my collar. The first torture device looked like a big X and after securing my ankles and wrists to it she kissed me and left the room. After several minutes she returned dressed in a black leather corset, black thong, black knee high leather boots and was lightly tapping a riders crop against her delicious thigh. "FUCK ME!!!" I thought. I was at full wood and had a steady stream of pre-cum oozing out. "I just need a small taste to get me by cutie" as she dropped to her knees and began sucking on me balls deep. She took me out of her throat just long enough to tell me not to cum until instructed to do so and just as she was about to take me balls deep again I thought "too late" as I shot a massive load across her pretty face. She didn't react except to scoop every ounce into her mouth and then leaned forward and took me into her throat to finish her treat. "That was a very tasty treat but I have to teach you to do as commanded". She then rolled a cart over to me which had all kinds of various devices on it. Some I recognized and some I didn't, those made me nervous the most. The first was some small alligator clips and I was pretty sure I knew where those were going since Danny and I had experimented with them on our nipples but very little experimentation because I have a small threshold for pain. "This is gonna hurt a little at first sweetheart", she said as she pinched my nipple to put it on. "HOLY FUCK, that hurt", I thought but I didn't show pain. I knew that was what she wanted. "Here comes another one sweetie" as she clipped it on the other nipple. By now I was drooling from the ballgag which she licked up as it flowed down my chin. "Fuck, is there no part of you not tasty? If I were a cannibal you'd be toast right now", she said as she continued to lick at my be continued                            



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Danny and Thomas
United States
We are 22yo bi couple with a love for the dark side of things. We like horror movies where the more blood the better. We are into all things vampire, bondage and bdsm. I (Thomas) like to write stories around these subjects mixed in with gay or bi characters plus write stories of actual events in our lives. The stories are VERY MUCH dark and highly sexual erotica and will, at times, contain more than any one of our interests in the same story. If those subjects offend you then read no further and move on past them.



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