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It's Summer Vacation

Joy to the World (It's Summer Vacation) (sung to the tune of "Joy to the World", obviously) --------------------------------------------------------- Joy to the world The year is gone It's time to have some fun Let's throw a great big par-ty And drink and eat real hearty And then fall fast asleep, And stay that way for weeks Oh ye-es, I say let's stay that way for weeks Go to the mo-vies And have a blast Our school Can kiss our ... *ahem* Go swimming at the pool And play the bloody fool Or go to Disneyland, Or skate and break your hand But I don't encourage you To break your hand Play games for hours On your XBOX Yo

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Two years ago I hated you. We saw each other at work now and then but I stayed away. Our schedules were different; We worked with others. I made friends with Thirty-Five and Thirty-Three. You had a few friends of your own. Your younger brother, Nineteen, helped train me. I didn't like him. I didn't like you either. Last year I hated you. The schedule changed. Now I had to work with you part time. My grudging partner. My adversary. I believed you disliked me as much as I disliked you. Assigned together like a bad buddy cop movie, Only my work vehicle wasn't cool. I found out why you had friends. You played music loud. You ran faster than othe


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