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I Hate My Commute

People look at me weird on the train. I wonder why.
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Actually, it seems the commute can't be that bad if the train is that empty. Would be a lot more miserable with everyone crowding around. Hope rain doesn't result in wet dog smell ... ;) ;P

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Oh, the mid-morning trip into the city wasn't so bad. It's the standing-room-only rush hour trip back that's the problem! Old and dirty train cars with disgusting seats, fake security cameras and quirky centauroid fantasy creatures trying not to get their tails stepped on were just the icing on the cake.

Well here's what I'd have to say, because I'm just such a poser that I have to try writing lines to the tune of "the real Slim Shady":

Ya'll act like you've never seen a dog-taur before
I keep my paws on the floor
don't touch me; I didn't touch your's!
No, I'm sorry, I'm not gonna play fetch
I'm not taking any seats so you don't need to bitch!

If I were any good at rapping, and I wasn't as whiter than the Beastie Boys, maybe I'd stand a chance
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me: I am on my way to Florida...
Where are you Heading?
Dogtaur:... uhhh Uhhh 
Could he make a complaint of racism?
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Too easy. Everybody does that these days.
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You're racist against racists, racist!
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I'd be happy to shake your paw-hand, honestly!
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1  cute  k9 
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well put, thinking in animal spirit is wat i do a lot.
it's clever. keep going - you have talent.
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heh i rember buying a print of this ages ago wile drunk ruleting on ther web

still has pride of place on my cupboard door in my man cave ^^
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To be fair only the old lady is looking at you, the rest don't seem to notice you at all.
Unless there are like 50 people off camera staring at you :D

(Yes, I am pretending this is a photo :D it's more fun that way)
wannabemustangjockey's avatar
It's public transportation. There are always 50 people staring at you. :P
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Hmm... whenever I go on buses people don't care who I am and just do their thing,
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don't look at 'em back then. ;p
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How cute and simple! It's just another day for him. <3
People still reject those who are different
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I understand what you mean. I sometimes have people looking at me wierd too.
Doesn't everyone?
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Himmm, I wonder why too. Its funny I think my uncle is weirder than han that.:)
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i love this... so cute
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because you have six limbs? I DUNNO
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