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No Man's Sky (RickMorty) Skin 0.0.1

This is my first skin. The Date and Time are with a different skin called Color Flow. To make the fade happen for the Star Wars, BF4, Reddit, And Imgur Icons you need to go into Manage Rainmeter select the.ini file for each of the icons i listed and On the drop down transparency it should be set to ~100%. and then drop down On Hover should be on Fade In.
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how can i get that image?

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Sorry, I am just your comment now. You can just google 'no man's sky wallpaper' and it should be one of the first few images.

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How did you make the chrome/steam/spotify things on the skins cause they are just text when you download them?
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I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean they wont do anything? Or that they arent on the banners?
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I mean the font you use on the chrome/steam/spotify texts.