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Burning Bridges Nuzlocke Page 9




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In hindsight, attempted murder in front of twenty odd policemen wasn't Rosie McCann's brightest idea. Also, this flashback is the first hint you'll get as to why Moira was fired. ;) If you want to guess, read Milton's speech again for clues and maybe try your luck! 

Also, look! All of Moira's friends from Page 2 are back! OvO/ Good luck recognising them! Some of the policemen in those two panels are going to be recurring background characters, and I actually have tunarounds for them. xD You'll see that Rapidash again very soon. 

And, finally, I AM SO GLAD ROSIE IS FINALLY INTRODUCED. IT TOOK THIS LONG. She's in the 40's or late 30's, but she's definitely not young. It'd be fun to see an older woman in a story who didn't fufil the stereotypical 'team mom' role - so designing her was a fun challenge! Rosie's just a bundle of fun to draw and I went through several designs before I settled on the one you see here. I bounced the initial drafts of Rosie's design off Amanda (whoisamazinggofollowherontumblr) before we settled on this design, although her colour scheme gave me no end of grief. I owe a lot to the artists who gave feedback on her reference sheet, especially Forta-Verity-Amity who went and played aound with her nose's colours. ;u; Thank you all, you've been amazing!

Also, if you know where Rosie's name comes from, I'll love you forever. QuQ

Those sexy pokegirls were disgustingly fun to draw - their poses were inspired by actual advertisement shots of 'strong, empowered females'. There is nothing wrong with having nice boobs, but the human race needs to stop judging the merit of a woman by the size of her breasts, or the shape of her body. Ultimately, sometimes having a beautiful mind should be even more important. If you're not familiar with Eschergirls or the Hawkweye Initiative, it's worth your time to check them out!

This page has taken the better part of my holiday, three months of school time, and lots of my sleep. I had to split it into two parts and then stitch them together because the file kept crashing SAI. I'm just glad it's over! Hopefully the next few pages will be a little less ambitious, and lot shorter, and update quicker too!
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'A bridge built on mutual respect' 
Nuzlocke is called Burning Bridges. 
Yeah, got a feeling that didn't go as well as all had hoped, but I do like how there seem to be multiple plot threads referencing back to it, and I'm loving Rosie's design and personality thus far. I like seeing older characters as major characters in nuzlockes and stories in general. ^^

Edit: Hi, when trying to go from Page 10 to Page 11, the link just redirects back to this page.