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Because of laptop problems, this update came in a week or so later than I thought it would, but I hope it was worth the wait! 

Male Rattata SpriteIT'S MOLLY TIME!!!!Female Rattata Sprite 

Molly Malone is my adorable gay little baby girl, and I'm so glad to finally share her with you in the comic for real. FINALLY. I wanted to show how she's aching for adventure, but also very very inexperienced. Molly's life has been a sheltered one, and she might not totally be ready to be a trainer's pokemon... but goddamit is she gonna try. 

(Molly also has the record for the first actual swear in the entire comic. ^^; Moira's assorted 'Che Cazzo's sort of go unnoticed by my younger cousins reading this, but they're old enough to swear now, so I'm glad my characters can finally curse.)

Also, I wanted Moira to meet someone who'd break her stream of bad luck - getting kicked out from her house, and then the pokemon center, and then the pub - Molly just turns out to be someone who really looks to Moira in the most adorkable way possible. 

This Officer Jenny is one you may have seen before: her broken-horned Rapidash and her appear on [Page 9]. Her name is Tonya Jenny, and his name is Charlie (he's been to Candy Mountain already, that joke gets old fast). :3c She's my little cliffhanger for you before the next page!

Stay tuned for the next page - I'm setting up some big emotional moments there! Big ones!

Burning Bridges updates in 10 March 2018!

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Oh shit, I love Molly. She's fantastic. 
And wait, Moira's house!?