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Burning Bridges Nuzlocke Page 15




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At this stage... I really REALLY need to stress that this page took me several months to do. :,D I've mentioned before in the last update that been working on this buffer on and off since 2013, and it's been exHAUSTing. You all need to know that I'm barely alive right now and just so happy it's all done before the last day of the year. 

Please accept this page, and all its beautiful, beautiful backgrounds. Viridian Gym is based on Palazzo Madama in Turin, and it's a real world palace that definitely isn't being looted by rats right now. And if I did my job right, you might recognise the first panel as Grafton Street in Dublin!

But beyond the backgrounds, check out the interesting backstory! OoOOooooOOOOOoooOOOOoo (ghost noises). Donahue and Moira may be friends, but even friends keep secrets from each other.

Moira's secrets are also very big. 

And finally, Molly Malone definitely is a pokemon you'll be seeing more of soon. I really wanted to keep the pokemon encountered in this run as an important part of the plot. So even though I caught her outside of Viridian, I made sure meeting Molly would push the plot forward. The same can be said for Gym Battles - so watch out for Brock in a couple updates and brace yourselves. ;p

Burning Bridges updates in 25 January 2018!

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changed my mind. THIS is my fav page. the designs! the background! the LIGHTING from the church!! u always amaze and inspire me, hope ya know that