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Yardley's Silver the Hedgehog

By WaniRamirez
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2018 UPDATE: Now with a new variant, based on his colors in the IDW Sonic comic series (Sonic issue 8).

Drawing of Silver the Hedgehog done by :iconyardley: which I bought from him on eBay last summer but only had the time now to finally have time to color it in peace. :)

Once again, another round of practice inemulating the styles of Archie Comics' colorists with this awesome pic of Silvy, considering that he is one of my best friend :iconbiirdies:'s favorite characters. >w<

The top three are based on the coloring styles of :iconherms85:. The first is based on his style during the Freedom Fighter arc (Sonic the Hedgehog 235-241), the second is based on his current style from the Silver Age arc (Sonic Universe 79-82) and the third is based on the first issue he ever colored in the comics, during the semi-finale of the Moebius Invasion arc (Sonic the Hedgehog 195).

The second row has coloring styles based on former Archie Comics' colorists during the silver days of Sonic the Hedgehog's run.
The first is based on the style of colorist Jason Jensen, from the Mobius X Years Later arc (Sonic Universe 5-8). The second is based on the style of colorist Ray Dillon :iconraydillon:, mainly from the Shattered Mirror arc (Sonic Universe 25-28). The third is based on the style of colorist Steve Downer :iconsdowner:, from the Secret Freedom Fighters arc (Sonic Universe 41-44).

Other than fun, these were mainly practice for me before I prepare my future role in comics and any association with future comics and art of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Original art drawn by Yardley, colors by me and all coloring styles belong to their respective artists.

Yardley's Sally Acorn by WaniRamirez Yardley's Vector the Crocodile by WaniRamirez
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nah nah, the one to the far right is all wrong, wheres the inverted thumbs XD

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I came here because I searched for Steve Dillon and this showed up.

CCmoonstar23's avatar
EEEEE!!! I love Silver so much and I'm blown away with your amazing art skills >W< :heart:
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I see you've improved your shading duuude. Good shit :iconprevysilverplz:
herms85's avatar
These are so neat! Amazing job on the style matching on all of these!
WaniRamirez's avatar
Thank you sir! :D
biirdies's avatar
Damn I can't believe you did it
Sonicjeremy's avatar
Lol, Looks amazing. I would love to learn to color like that, but I think you forgot to change the description. That silver hedgehog is not vector, lol
WaniRamirez's avatar
I'll fix that. XD
biirdies's avatar
Fucking nerd

I love it ❤❤
SwordSparks's avatar
Each of these shading styles are marvelous!

I'd say the second one is the best of the six!
Jared-The-Rabbit's avatar
I have a suggestion for this series.
FrostTheHobidon's avatar
this looks awesome

Silver: Sorry Eggman, It's No Use

Dr. Eggman: dang it
BlueHedgehog1997's avatar
It's no use! Take this! *favorites this*
BlackAce-of-Spade's avatar
Sweet job on the colors bruh! All pretty distinctive! 
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