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Please notice that I'll take more time to do your commissions since I've got commercial commission in progress.

Progress and deadline can be saw HERE !

[ G E N E R A L ]

Before commission me, here are some things you should know beforehand.

What I'm doing :
  • Couples (OC x OC, Canon x Canon.)
  • Yaoi / Yuri / Hetero
  • Any type of OC (I'm better at drawings bishonen and bishoujo though) 

What I'm not doing :
  • Furry
  • Mecha (Gundams and such - armor suits with face visible are Ok)
  • Canon x OC 
I just don't like drawing either furry and canon x OC. But just animal ears and tail like kemonomimi and mermaid / mermans are fine.

You may request not safe for work drawings, but they automatically comes with a +20€ extra.

I have the right to publish my commissions done to you in any social websites, unless you want your commission to be private (please state it). No refunds after payment made unless I tell you so (unable to complete your commission, etc...). I usually complete a commission within the month you requested your commission. If not, it's at the beginning of next month. I'f I'm not completing your piece in this time, I'll send you a notice, and feel free to remind me past this time. Also, if you want to use your commission as a commercial project, we may discuss the price.
If you're not happy with the final product, you're allowed to tell me one time what is bothering you. After that, there will be an extra charge for all changes (depending on the task). Squares headshots sketch are not included in this terms. If I forgot something on your commission on the sketch phase, you need to be careful and tell me if it need a correction

[ B U T T O N . C O M M I S S I O N ]

They are 30 each, and pixel size is 700px x 700px.

  • Simple coloring 
  • Clean line
  • Whole top head saw

Button Batch 3 by Wanini 
Pattern will remain the same, the color of elements will change according to the character scheme. Noting system remain the same, just tell me the expression you want for your character, and of course, personnality and such.

[ C O L O R E D . S Q U A R E . H E A D S H O T . C O M M I S S I O N ]


  • Simple coloring
  • More focused on face

CM - Square colored headshot 2 by WaniniCM - Possessed by Wanini

Flowery pattern behind (free to use pattern).  The color of background will change according to the character scheme. Noting system remain the same, just tell me the expression you want for your character, and of course, personnality and such. They are ideal for avatars and expressions.

[ C H I B I . C O M M I S S I O N ]

Chibi are 40 for each character. Couples are 75€. 

+5€ for complicated designs (the girl with angel wings) 
+10€ for multiple props or animals

CM - Keeran by Wanini CM - No my hat !! by Wanini CM - Strawberry angel by Wanini

[ H A L F B O D Y . C O M M I S S I O N ]

It's 60€ for each character (115 for two)

+10 € for complicated character designs
+5-10 € for small animals / complicated but small props (small weapon for example, objects floatings depending of the details...)
+15 € for big animals / complicated but big props (big weapon with insanely details on it for example)

   V e r s u s - Salute! (Big news see description) by Wanini CM - CyrahKorim by Wanini CM - Alchemist Lei Lan by Wanini CM - Shall we have a cup of tea (SPEEDPAINT UP) by Wanini 

Max characters : 3 

Notice that I won't do any backgrounds on your commission request, it's only gradients and sometimes patterns like the examples above. If you want a particular gradient color, you may tell me.

[ F U L L B O D Y . C O M M I S S I O N ]

Price is 90€ (+10-15€ for detailed characters |175€ for a couple.)

This contains a composition of a fullbody character with a simple background. (solid color with a pattern or props. Props won't be that much detailed, or charged higher depending on the request).
  •  3 max characters on a picture.
  •  Will be less sketchy 

 NyaaRay by WaniniCM - Pansy by Wanini

[ D A K I M A K U R A ] :new:

The price for a dakimakura is 135€ for one side. Double for 2 side The size is of course printable.

The total size will be 9000px x 3000px, 350DPI. You can ask for safe version (slightly undressed, damaged clothes etc...) or nsfw version (+20€ extra charge for nsfw), male or female. Please remind that I won't give you the pillow, I only make the digital file.
  • You can ask for official characters, but these will be strictly restricted to personal use. 

VS - Dakimakura Noir et Beowulf by Wanini

[ F U L L . I L L U S T R A T I O N ]

Price range between 200€ to + ~ 500€ or more depends on amount of details of the scenery AND character. An additional character are 90€. This type of commission is :

  •  Between halfbody, 3/4 bodies to fullbodies pictures depends on the composition. You can ask for a quote of your idea. 
  •  This option contain background, you can request any type of background.
  •  Unlimited amount of characters! If the character is really far in the background, it will not influence the price. 
  •  Characters interactions and everything is very important here. Picture may look better when it includes 2 characters or more.
  • Usual pixel size is A4 with 350 DPI. If you want a higher resolution it'll cost more (+20/50€ depending the size)!
  • If you'd want me to draw for a commercial project, please send me a note and we will discuss about it. 

Oldest => Newest

An illustration like that would be around 200€ (halfbody to fullbody with a simple background)

Zero (process gif added) by Wanini Joker by Wanini Takumi by Wanini

Illustrations like that would be 400-500€ish and + more (If the group characters are in the background, like silhouette they count in the background price. Depends also on size and number of characters, details...)

 CM - Benihime's Promise by Wanini Happy rooster year by Wanini Vestiges de Paris by Wanini

[ C U S T O M . D E S I G N ]

Prices : Chibi are 80€ | Fullbody are 140€ | Full ref are 250€ 

  • You can choose 3 options for your custom design. 
  • Price may be higher if the design is very highly detailed (~ +25€) (him for example : Kian)
  • You can provide me pictures, refs and descriptions (eye color, hairstyle...), but please be clear about what you want, no need to make extra texts, in short, 1 page word maximum.
  • Most of changes will be done on the sketch phase.
  • It'll be better if you also provide me their personnality.
  • Full references are 2 view of the character + 2 headshots 

CM - Custom mega-diancie Gijinka by WaniniCM - Custom Zangoose gijinka by WaniniCM - Fenroar by Wanini
CM - Custom Mienshao Gijinka by Wanini CM - Custom design for Keila-NT by Wanini

[ N O T E . E X A M P L E ]

If you're interested, send me a note with these informations (Not wall of text please. I'm not a native English speaker so understanding would be difficult, please remain as simple as possible.):

Title of the note : Commission, Commission request, anything including commission.

  • Type of commission you'd like to have (Halfbody, Chibi, Full illustration...)
  •  Ref of your character (colored, please be specific about the outfit you'd want if they have multiple on their reference) 
  •  Global personality of your character
  •  If one character, do you have a position or expression in mind? If two characters, relationship of these characters (friends? couple? hate?). If you want special expressions or interaction between them.
  •  If full illustration, what type of scenery you'd like to have? City? Forest? If you want the overall feeling of the picture romantic, dark, sorrowful, joyful? Any interaction between characters if you want 2 or more characters? Any infos is ok. 
  • If custom design, please state all the info you can, condensate if possible.
  •  If chibi, expressions, poses in mind? If you'd want props? 
  • Paypal adress so I can send you an invoice

Remember, 1 slot = 2 commission request MAX. If you'd like to order more than 2 commission, you'll likely have to wait when I'm opening again, or taking multiple slots at once.

Final notice : You may ask if you want a specific type of commission will be open / You'd want to request (like more than 2 characters on a single picture, custom designs...). We will discuss about it and the price.
As for the payment, I'll send you a paypal invoice.

You can see here the progress of my commissions

W O R K I N G . O N :


S L O T S . A V A L A I B L E 

-Open for commercial works-

W A I T I N G . L I S T : :iconberserkinggod:

The commissions done (since 2015) More recent < - > Older :

CM - Alchemist Lei Lan by Wanini CM - CyrahKorim by Wanini CM - Benihime's Promise by Wanini CM - Lyra by Wanini CM - Waking up by Wanini [SPEEDPAINT] CM - Ice and Fire by Wanini CM - Square colored headshot 2 by Wanini CM - Yunaiko by Wanini CM - Toma Fenae by Wanini CM - Custom Zangoose gijinka by Wanini CM - Custom design for Keila-NT by Wanini CM - Pansy by Wanini CM - Fenroar by Wanini CM - Shall we have a cup of tea (SPEEDPAINT UP) by Wanini CM - Silly sneasel by Wanini CM - Haith Mistral by Wanini CM - Pretty Goddess by Wanini CM - Cinnamon girls by Wanini CM - Snowy day by Wanini CM - Possessed by Wanini CM - Strawberry angel by Wanini CM - Resting after a long day by Wanini CM - City Battle by Wanini CM - Red and White by Wanini CM - Lovely Angel by Wanini CM - Ibiskull by Wanini Button batch 4 by Wanini CM - Iaru Fanclub feating Lin Yao and Lei Lan by Wanini CM - Custom mega-diancie Gijinka by Wanini CM - Happy birthday SgtSaturn by Wanini CM - Custom Mienshao Gijinka by Wanini CM - No my hat !! by Wanini CM - Orange cream puff by Wanini Button Batch 3 by Wanini Special CM Offer - Star Pendleton by Wanini CM - Light and dark by Wanini
Rest is on my second account :iconwaniyas:

Art Trades :

 KejserVann  -part not received-
   Sallynyan  -part not received-

Other stuff :

 Laulaubi Collab

Waiting from :

ssyolk KejserVann Sallynyan nechin 

Skin by SimplySilent
© 2015 - 2021 Wanini
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goldwolf97's avatar
*wishes i had the money*love your style 
Sallynyan's avatar
part not received
si. Tu les a pas vu c'est tout. 
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excuse me do you accept points?
Wanini's avatar
I'm sorry, I don't accept points except for square sketch headshots ;_;
AbsoliteDisaster08's avatar
excuse me there,if you accept points for the square sketch much they cost?
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They costs 800pts!
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ahh amazing...ammmm your commissions still open? ^^"
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Those sketches are not open for now, sorry ;_;
AbsoliteDisaster08's avatar
aww ok then i will wait :3
AbsoliteDisaster08's avatar
aww ok thanks anyways ^^
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Hm I will have to think on this I really like your style and your prices are quite reasonable.  I am currently making a free visual novel that I want to be quality and am looking for CG artists to commission.  Just uncertain how many to get done by you price wise.
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Hi! I invite you to send me the details by note to discuss about your project ^_^
Vestigance's avatar
Are you open? ;3;
Wanini's avatar
Yes I'm still open!
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One day I'd love to commission you of all my wonderful human ocs!
More so ofPrince Itakoshi *FOREVER MINE* by Angelfonds  Athron Emory *FOREVER MINE* by Angelfonds  these two boys who would look awesome in your style. I gotta save up!!!
Wanini's avatar
Thank you very much omg *_*
They are really pretty / handsome, I will wait for you o/ 
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Can I get a square sketch headshot slot? :D
Wanini's avatar
Sure, just post a comment on this deviation while filling the form ^_^
Sketch Headshot commission [CLOSED] by Wanini
FallenAngelScythe's avatar
Si seulement tu étais moins chère D8
En tout cas, je suis contente de voir que ça a l'air de marcher pour toi ! >w< Longue vie à Wanini !! (j'arrête de dire des conneries sur tes pages TwT)
Wanini's avatar
Mlaheureusement je ne peux pas descendre mes prix ;_;
Merci beaucoup Rox ! xD
FallenAngelScythe's avatar
Oh mais je comprends !! Un jour j'aurais l'argent de t'embaucher, mwahahahahaha èwé (ou j'économiserais une année pour t'embaucher ! mwahahahaha)
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