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A Pair of Reds, chapter six
Continued from:

Mature Content

A Pair of Reds, chapter five by Soviet-Superwoman


Red threw another log on the fire, watching it pop and hiss as the flames licked at it. The hour had grown late and the crickets and neekerbreekers were just beginning to sing their tunes. Twilight was upon them and the journey south was halted as the sun retreated. Raven was settling down nearby, taking the bedroll from her mount and spreading it out on the forest floor a few feet from the warm glow of the fire. The dark-haired beauty sat back and placed her sickle beside her, holding onto her warhammer, patting it against the palm of her other hand.

"I wonder what foul creature this will split the head of tomorrow to put me in the lead." she said, smiling coyly at Red. The freckled amazon shrugged her massive shoulders.

"I hate that you have made this a contest, especially since we learned the other day that you can fly as well!"

Raven threw her head back and laughed, "And yet you are still winning!" she replied, waving her warhammer in Red's direction.

"Pure luck I assure you, it is not everyday I am in a contest with a goddess."

"You are too modest and I am not a goddess."

"That you can remember," Red corrected her holding up a finger, "So far I have seen you demonstrate the strength of Ares, the invulnerability of Zeus and now, the flight of Hermes...and let us not forget the beauty of Aphrodite."

Raven blushed deeply, looking more like a bashful farm-girl than a hammer-wielding amazon.

"You are being too kind Red."

"I speak from my heart, which is always uncovered and revealed."

"You have been an amazing friend to me these many weeks. I almost do not want our journey to end and have my memories returned to me. When I dream, they are dark and filled with war...strange images of strange places and people. I am not sure I want to return to them...I would rather remain here with you."

Red's expression changed and she stoked the fire with a smaller stick. After a few moments she shook her head slowly from side to side and exhaled.

"As much as I would like that as well, more than anything else Raven, in my heart I know that you have a destiny, a destiny that might pull you away from me. You must remember who you are and what your true purpose is."

"Even if it means I cannot stay here with you?" Raven asked, leaning forward, her voice full of emotion.

"I would gladly sacrifice all my own wants and desires to make sure that you were whole again sweet Raven. Nothing in this world would bring me more happiness than that."

Raven looked at her friend for a long moment before suddenly throwing herself forward, her lips finding Red's, brushing them lightly—and still that light touch sent shivers through her nerves, shivers that made her whole body tremble. Red's eyes opened wide in surprise and astonishment.

"If you want me to stop, tell me...,"the dark-haired woman whispered.

Red said nothing, instead reached up and pulled her down on top of her, the rest of her words were lost against her wanting mouth. She kissed Raven gently, carefully, but it wasn’t gentleness she wanted, not now, not after all this time, and she knotted her fists into her cloak pulling her harder against her body. Raven groaned softly, low in her throat, and then her arms circled hers, gathering Red against her, and they rolled over on the grass, tangled together, still kissing.

The hunger and passion grew in the breasts of both warriors. They had flirted and teased as they grew closer but now the gates were shattered. Red had a fleeting feeling of guilt, Raven had no idea who she truly was and she might have a lover someplace else. But this was burned away by the heat of the lips on hers. Raven thoughts were all about this beautiful hero, who had saved her, nursed her and protected her. At first she was grateful but as time went on she had realized she had fallen in love with the kind and gentle red head. She had resisted and played the game of teasing with Red but all the time she felt the fire burning deep in her soul. She had hoped and prayed that Red would make the first move, tell her she loved her, anything! But the kind warrior would not, could not for fear of taking advantage of one without her memories. Raven understood this but still the desires built in her. But now, she had freed Red. She was now hers. Raven’s hands moved over the freckled skin, she loved those freckles so much. The muscle below was strangely both hard and soft to the touch.

“I never realized how hot she is to the touch.” Raven thought.

Red seemed to burn with a enter fire. The paladin’s clever fingers quickly had Raven as naked as the day she was born and her own loincloth dropped free. The cloak about Raven’s shoulders became a blanket on the ground in the warm evening. Red lay beneath the dark hair beauty, her arms wide and chest thrust up as if she was a feast for her new lover to devour. Raven straddle her, their moist loins pressed together, she reached down running her hands on the tight waist and hard rippling belly. Red sighed with pleasure.

“I am yours, My Raven. Do as you will.” Red whispered.

Raven smiled in delight. She rubbed the hard abs and then moved up the regal thrusting breasts. They were perfect orbs, she had wanted to touch them so much. Now they were hers, offered freely. She scooped them in her hands, firm but yielding, Red moaned in pleasure. Raven’s thumbs pressed on the hard nipples, rubbing them. Red arched her back with a gasp.

“More Love, More!”

Raven leaned down, her own paler breasts crushing into Red’s tan. She reached out and clashed Red’s hands, fingers lacing. Their lips met in a full deep kiss. Raven felt as if her soul were melding with this wonderful creature. Red was giving her all, body and heart. Somehow Raven found herself on the bottom with Red now exploring her body. The touch was so gentle and sensual. Red’s strong hands slid up and down her side as her lips kissed and her teeth nibbled Raven nipples. She moved down, kissing the deep navel and her hands squeezing the firm hips of her lover.

“Is she going to do what I think?” Raven wondered.

Red spread the dark hair warrior’s legs and pressed her lips on the honey sweet notch. Raven gasped. It was like a hot branding iron, the shock ripped through her body. More kisses and then Red probed her with her tongue. It could have been hours, it could have been days, Raven prayed it would be forever.

“I know who I am now. I am Red’s lover.”

To be continued...


A massive thanks to the sensation that is :iconpumpmonger: and letting me us his iconic character Red the Paladin and for helping with this incredible chapter!

Artwork created by :iconjebriodo: who is just insanely talented! :worship:

Soviet Superwoman is my creation and property.


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