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Tutorial for Origami Triangle

Ok this is pretty random. I was just browsing through some DAs and I came aross ~Michaelle111's 3D origami cobra and I remembered that I had this tutorial made long time ago, so here it is, I am sharing it with everybody!!! :la: These little triangles are pretty amazing, you can make alot of things outta bunch of these! Here are more examples that I found in DA:

Asian level Legos! Enjoy! :evillaugh:
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To favourites because is very cute!
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thank you so mucch!! this is awesome!
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Ur welcome 8DD
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THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! ಥ⌣ಥ I've been dying to find this tutorial and only got video links (flash not working on my computer T_T )
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oo hay no problem at all :XD: i'm glad it helped :hug:~~
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oh cool origami house :D
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:D THANK YOU! i can now master the art of origami cone thingies :3 lookout world, my army of triangle coalas is coming to rape you all!
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oh my, what have i done... :iconbluewhatplz:
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lol. off point but is it just me or does that face look like its gonna be eating something?
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oh.. hmmm i guess this shud go with my Infinity Loaf then XD [link]
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