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Bordered Captions for Windows 8/8.1

By wango911
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My first Windows 8 theme and some-what Windows 7 theme port of my Windows 8 Custom Theme!

This theme returns the Windows 8 Release Preview caption buttons, but flattened out to match the Metro UI and while keeping the caption borders intact. This theme is only for people with a different preference from the stock Windows 8 theme, but want a little bit of the Release Preview stock theme. This theme was also made to test the capabilities of Big Muscle's DWMHook (Aero Glass) program.


v1.3.2 (3/30/2013)
-Fixed Caption Text in White theme when explorer ribbon is enabled

v1.3.1 (3/10/2013)
-Fixed taskbar thumbnail text color in White theme

v1.3A (3/4/2013)
-Start Orb Fixes for Normal, Small Top & Bottom Taskbar (PSD's and PNG's)

v1.3 (2/11/2013) The Start Menu Update!

-Added StartIsBack MSStyles!
(You must have StartIsBack in order to use this!)
-Added matching Start Orbs for StartIsBack! The orbs provided are red, but you can easily edit the hue in your favorite raster graphics editor for your liking! Credits to the original creator below!

Minor Fixes:
-Updated Commandlink button to square

v1.2 (2/9/2013)
-Updated Inactive Caption Text color in white caption text theme.
-Fixed minor detail in active caption buttons
-Updated Navigation Buttons to use Release Preview stock arrow buttons.
-Added Windows 8 gray stock wallpaper for the white caption text theme.
-Removed COLORIZATIONCOLOR:INT dependency in white caption text theme as it caused issues with custom navigation buttons and caption buttons.

v1.1.1 (2/3/2013)
-Quick fixed inactive caption buttons not being flat

v1.1 (2/2/2013)
-Added white caption text MSStyles variant for darker themes

v1.0 (1/31/2013)
-Initial Release

DWMHook (Aero Glass): [link]

:icongiro54: for Metro+ Luna Orbs, but modified Windows flag by me
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If someone wants to fix jumplist bug - install StartIsBack++

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Could you please fix the jumplist bug or at least explain how to do it? ;__; ... I just noticed it and it really sucks.
The theme is beautiful, but that big flaw is just way too annoying.
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any chance of an updated version of the theme for 8.1 update 1? :) with original nav arrows please
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Can you please update the them for "Update" of windows 8.1? The right click context menu isn't working in Start Screen :/
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+1 on that update too, still using it since it came out.  Yeah the context menu not appearing is bugging me LOL.
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Any chance of a working 8.1 version? I like this theme but jumplists are broken.
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Jumplist is broken because they made this theme for you to use with a BS 3rd party software which brings back the shitty old start menu, that's why the jumplist is broken :/
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The theme is amazing, but there is a bug when you right click on the super bar icon and the menu pop up it's bugged as hell, other than that everything works great.
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Would be great to see this properly working with 8.1, everything seems to work well already apart from when programs are right clicked in the taskbar
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Yeah, the jumplist's bug effects all 8.0 themes. I'll release an update hopefully soon, due to school stuff and what-not.
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Any updates on 8.1 compatibility? :)
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It seems with the lastest 8.1 updates, the jumplist bug seemingly vanished. Sorry for the late update, I've been away from dA for a while.
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Hey man it doesn't work for me :(
I have 8.1 and I have installed all the updates.
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I just realised it too after updating to 8.1.  This is still the best theme I've come accross, been using it since release. Keep up the great work!
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Can you please make a windows 7 theme that has the windows 8 windows borders and the taskbar?
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Where is the .theme file ?
Wont show in Personalization without one !
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Added them, can't believe I forgot to add it in.
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How do i use this theme? I extracted the contents of the zip file to C:Windows\Resources\Themes but it doesn't show up in Personalization.
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My friend, you have just perfected the theme! Thanks for the effort!
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