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Project: Black Plague(1)



The original story derived from the novel "ivanhoe", but i push the time to 16 century europe with black plague. This project contains 7 pieces, will update regularly. 
The overall tone of this project is dark realistic fantasy, so you won't see something over the top. Nevertheless, using 7 pieces to show an ip and world setting is very challenging, so i will focus on the specific events and story telling during that special period. 
Top: jewish healer's house, use metaphors such as plants, flowers to symbolise recovery. Since the novel mention that the room is decorated in an oriental way, i keep the medieval wooden structure and elaborate with patterns. In this scene Ivanhoe got injured and was brought back to her house to be take care of.
Bottom: Plague physician applying leeches on top of a patient's body to suck his blood. Back then doctors believe the illness is caused by unbalance of body fluid, so letting out blood is the most common method to cure the patients. I also remix with some alchemy stuff.
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You are very talented!