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Glintadale: Silver Arch City and Bluemary Tavern



Please refer to the map above.
This is the upper area of city SilverArch where the priests, royal family, and nobles live. It is 1 of the 2 major cities on Glitadale Island. Their architecture style is been heavily influenced by the sea elves, such as curves that reminds people of shells and conchs. One will also see a lot of ornaments and relief carving, with female figures dancing, praising, kneeling for ritual purposes as a part of the decorations.
There are more stuff coming up, such as Bluemary Town and Ruined Temple of Goddess Malzula.
If you walk to South East of Silver Arch, down and cross the Sulisber Forest, there is a small town named Bluemary. The name is derived from their well-known special beer and wine. Behind Bluemary tavern there is a small church built with silverarch temple and sky garden style.
You have to book for tasting the special wine during spring and summer. It is a great place to stay for a short vacation.
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Congratulations, I love the composition of the angle of view, I would like to have this kind of art in the house I got on the bailti site, it will complete the decoration