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November 30, 2011
Crystal Mine by *uriska
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Crystal Mine



Recent waterscape practice
He tripped slightly on the rocky earth beneath him, one hand automatically touching the Mystei armor on his chest. The reassuring hum of magical energy sounded in his ears, and he slowed to a stop with relief.

Good. Everything was working. He'd made it this far on half-remembered stories and scraps of the Tome, and he was still alive...for the moment. Mystei armor was unstable, out of date, and offered poor protection, but it was the only relic of the Dargen Era he could find that contained Undria, the legendary crystal ore that was once used to power the Relk Empire of ages past. He smiled to himself as he looked around. The rocks were glowing now. His armor hummed loudly, resonating with the raw Undria crystals. It was here alright. It HAD to be here. The entrance to the Repository gaped in pitch darkness, daring him to approach. He wiped the sweat from his eyes and walked slowly forward.

rrRROOSH! A sickly-orange glow erupted from what he'd taken for a stalagmite, sending quivering light and shadows racing across the earth. He winced at the sudden surge of magic, his armor growing suddenly hot and painful as it tried to absorb the energy. But his eyes shown, his teeth bared in a smile only the crazed can muster. The Pillar of Relk-Saa! A great stone altar blessed by countless science-priests with the legendary Shard of Cohnai set at the top. He licked his lips hungrily, knowing its importance. It was Relkian power manifested in the physical world, a direct lightening rod of science and sorcery that acted as both a guardian and a seal. Only those with refined Undria could safely pass and not be struck from existence by its power. And he had a full SUIT of it. He smoothed his hair and activated the recorder, getting himself ready for this historic discovery. Just a few more steps and he would be there. All of the lying, the desperation and killing and murder was finally worth the price. It was his!

Softer than a shadow, he stepped into the blackness.
--------------BY ~Joshman88 [link]
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