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Hey guys! Do you know RP etc? I just wanted to ask other people about roleplaying with me.
I really like different Roleplays:

And other like our universum etc. 
Someone wanna do RP with me? :3
Some of them are new on dA and they need more watchers and support! Check them pls! ^^

- :iconrwbymoon:
- :iconbutcherfire:
- :iconalexsaitsme:
I'm so bored and Idk what I can do xDD
Soo I make a little quiz about me x)
Do you know me too much? Or not? Check it!

1. Who is my favourite band?
2. I prefer werewolves or vampires? (it's easy XD)
3. How old am I?
4. Who is my favourite Kaiju?
5. My favourite animal?
6. Have I ever broken my bones/leg/hand/arm?
7. My favourite artists? (you can write only one if you wanna xP)
8. What is my name? (easy)
9. My favourite ship from Slendytubbies? (I mean about OCs)
10. Do i play Pokemon Go everyday? (easy? xD)

I'm waiting guys!
Sorry guys, I don't have time... No... That's not true
I have too many time about my drawings but... Art Block is strong ugh...
I made some mistakes and I feel bad now, I think I'm gonna delete my account... But it's not complete decision...
I think I don't really care about anybody, I feel an unpleasant feeling and I don't want to say anything about that...
I can't do anything with my drawings through a long time... I don't feel anything positive, only negative emotions.
My friends told me:
You have achieved a lot! But I don't feel it... If my mood improves, then only for a moment... It makes a big circle... I think a lot of about it, but it sounds crazy and stupid. All my family is very sad and weak by problems in my home... I feel weak too. Sometimes I want to quit everything, go to sleep and forget about these things. Sometimes I feel jealous too... About stupid and weird things... I feel a breakdown... I have not left home for a few days because I have to stay in home for now. I'm very nervous lately and while doing stupid things... Ehh it's not important. I've closed in myself and can't do anything about it... Do you have any advice?
Tagged: :icongatoroidrage:

1) You have to post the rules.
2) Answer the questions and make 12 new ones.
3) Choose 12 people.
4) Tag those people.
5) Tag backs are allowed.


1. What was the first ever monster movie you ever saw? (Dinosaur movies also count, don't worry.)
Oh... God... You mean about Kaiju or different monsters? Hmmm... Maybe Godzilla vs King Ghidorah lel

2. Digimon or Pokemon?
... I don't like both sorry

3. If Rodan came to your neighbourhood, would you scream the famous line "OH SHIT! IT'S A BIG BIRDY! AND IT'S COMING FOR US!"?
No... It would be something like that: "Wtf is it dinosaur?"

4. Pixar, Dreamworks, Universal, Legendary, Toho or Disney? Or all of them?
Hmmm I like DreamWorks, Toho and Disney

5. What's your favorite Pokemon/Digimon/Appmon? (You can give answers to all of them.)
I don't like all

6. Indominus Rex or Indoraptor?
I'm not sure, maybe indominus rex

7. If you had the power to produce any Toho kaiju/Universal JW film, what would it be and what would you call it?
Good Question!
I would try to go into the steps of the film series and I would start films about my OC's

8. WHITE OUT or THE SKY FALLS? (Both are composed by XAI and both are theme songs for the two Goji anime movies. You have to listen to them before giving your opinion. You don't need to do it if you don't want to.)
The Sky Falls

9. If you were to give Blue (From Jurassic World) a mate, who would it be?

10. Do you think Pikachu is overrated?
No lol

11. If you had to produce a Digimon, would you want it to be based off a movie creature, a mythological creature, or a game monster? (Going meta with this.)
I really idk...

12. If you had to make a JW hybrid, what would it be?
My own hybrid? I didn't watch the last part but I must do it. I think it would be like T-rex with ... Spinosaurus? Idk...

I don't have ideas about questions, I'm gonna edit it later
I was tagged by: :iconyani-yan:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other creators.
4. Post their OCs name along with their creators name/avatar.

Chosen character: Infected Sharvari

1. She has other personality than rest of the infected teletubbies
2. She is a cannibal
3. She has two children
4. Although she is infected, she controls itself
5. She has a sister
6. It was previously Sona
7. She is a sergeant in the army
8. She was killed by her own son

Tag peoplehhh:
:iconspringstars14: with Faith
:iconrockielel: with Max
:iconcrazycrazyness: with Luna
:iconigrisa: with Jason
:iconcharityartleader: with Rosa
:iconkittycatwertheflowey: with Moon
And... That's all

Tagged by :iconcrocodile-from-space:

1. Who’s your most favorite character of all fandoms?
Ooooooooooooooohhhhhh.... Good question... I'm not sure xD
2. Which is your favorite artist in deviantart?
Many artists... Ughh... maybe Pyrus-Leonidas, YueJo and idk xD
3. Favorite movie?
Godzilla, Van Hellsing...
4, Favorite food?
I'm not sure! A lot of food xD... Maybe fries
5. Do you like Lego?
Hmm... Maybe?
6. Favorite songs?
Hmmm Nightmare by Set It Off, Monster by Skillet
7. Favorite game?
I don't play games too much... But maybe Garry's Mod
8. Favorite oc?
Devatus <3
9. Do you like Jurassic Park?
Hmm yeah
10. Like Godzilla?
11. Favorite drink?
12. Favorite weather?
Summer owo

I'm lazy tag other people sorryyh... Don't hit me
Sometimes I think about myself as an animator... 2D or 3D
I'm making different versions of animations but do you know it?
I do animations in Source Filmmaker and if you wanna see my animations, this is my channel!

 Comment and:
1. I will tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page for 4 minutes.

2. I will tell you a color you remind me of.

3. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.

4. I will tell you what movie, tv, or video game character you remind me of.

5. I will ask you a question, and you must answer.

6. I will tell you something I like about you.

7. I will give you a nickname.

8. I will tell you the object that's to the left of me.

9. I will Dare you to post this in your journal.

10. I will either give you a hug or a kiss on the cheek
Oh hey everyone...
This is my first time with journal like this... I feel very uncomfortable... But I have to say something.
In our life many things changed so much. Home, family, problems, relationship and... Friends yeah.
I'm quite in a bad mood for some time and I'm trying to fight it somehom but still is very bad...
I don't wanna say what's going on because that's not important for this time but I don't wanna say something like:
I didn't mean it... A lot of my friends turned away from me,
when I met new people, I found out that it is not worth knowing the old ones friends who hurt me.
Did you have similiar? Yeah... It's painful...
I met someone "save me" heh. Maybe it's sounds strange but pls listen to me.
Maybe a lot changes but it's worth changing yourself to some extent.
I just wanna show my good old friends and new friends who are important for me.

Maybe it's not my friend but it's my boyfriend... Person who
invited me to the group by herself and was often worried about me... Heh... We were not even together and we knew each other for a month? I guess... I wasn't 3 days and I wrote where I am...
We met practically after parting with my ex and later we became a couple. I love him and his friends, they are very important for me too! We're still together with good relations. He will always help me when I need it! Thanks Hun!

Yeah, y
ou are one of the oldest friends! Someone who is very cute and nice for people. I know her since 2015? I guess.
Very talkative and lazy girl who loves cats so much! Hah! You are like my sister who is helping me in everything! I remember when you was worried about me but you didn't have to.
Practically you wiped my tears... Thanks Rocky!

A girl who I know... Oh God... I don't remember! xD
2013? I guess... Yeah, another one older friend from real life. She always helped me with problems,
she hugged me when it was wrong with me. She is very good person who loves other people. I always helped her like she me! I just wanted to say... Thanks!

Big MAMA! Hah! Another person who I know but not so much... I know her since 2017, I met her by one my other friend. She's the same like me,
a similar sense of humor, similar experiences, many problems... But she always was strong, I wanna be like her. I really need friend like her! Thanks!

Hah! Another mama!
We often tease just for fun, it improves my mood and improves character. Igrisa is not very talkative but
I try to get her into a conversation... What is really funny! xD
We have similar preferences... Sometimes I don't go to the computer and she asks why I don't go to talk to her and other friends... She is good friend for me! Thanks Igrisa!

Big Papa!
Very, very, very shy boy. He likes animating and cute things. I love to tease him!
Despite this, he always has a nice attitude to the situation, he improved my mood more than once and helped with big problems.
He also needs a hug like me ^^. Thanks!

A bear? a human? I don't know... Just... A big guy with big personality. Someone who is really shy too. I didn't know I meet person with this personality. Very nice and good to laugh. He can always make me laugh and by his behavior I often feel happier!
I really need this friend! Thanks Sonar!

My little sis! ^^
Another talkative bunny like me! I wanna be like her too... She calls me a good friend and I really appreciate that, heh!
Always helpful and nice... I always wanted to help her and she gave me...
It showed a different sense of life and something very good... Thanks Kira!

Another sis by bear!
She alwas wanna talk with me, she is funny and very talkative too.
We are also teasing each other... You are my little sis like Kira... I really need you here... You are very goooooooooood friend and family for me, you always help me in everything! And first person who I met in real life! Thanks!

Shy girl? I'm not sure, I just wanna know everything about her! She likes animating and drawing too! I don't know her so much but I wanna... She is another person who is important for me... Sometimes she is upset or sad, I wanna help with this problem and comfort her... She is like this for me. Thanks Bolnie!

Another girl who I know but not so much, sometimes I feel so bad and she is trying to comfort me. Like I said I don't know her but everything what she did for me was very good... I feel any better than before thanks to her. She understand me and she never told me a bad word. Thanks!

I don't know you too so much... But you know, you make me happy in notes on dA. I felt very good when you wrote to me! We love Godzilla and different ships hah! Finally someone is like me! Ships are everywhere! I think you are very good friend for me and I can trust you! Thanks!

It's not the end of my friends list... I just wanna say it's over of this journal but if you wanna know what I think about you...
Answer in comments! ^^
Let's start the new tag people of Godzilla!

1. Tag 5 other people
Answer my questions
Make your own 10 questions
Ask your 10 questions to other people who you tag

Tag people:
:iconlionpatriot: :iconcrocodile-from-space: :iconmnstrfrc: :icongojicachou: :iconfallenangel5414:

1. Favourite kaiju?

2. Kiryu or Mechagodzilla II?

3. Your favourite series of Godzilla?

4. Which monster do you hate?

What was your first kaiju movie that you watched?

6. Shin Godzilla or Godzilla 2014?

7. Do you like Zilla 1998?

8. Do you think that Monster X is the same monster as King Ghidorah?

Was there a sad moment in the movie that made you sad?

10. Favourite Godzilla?

I'm waiting for your answers... And sorry, this is my first tag ^^'
Tagged by :icongojicachou:

1. Do you like frogs ?
Yes, I guess

2. Do you know SMG4 ?

3. Do you know Godzilla and what's your favorite film ?
I know it and I LOVE IT
Favourite film: Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla and Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II

4. Have you read my fanfic "Link's scarf" ? (auto publicity sorryyyyyyyyyy)
Not yet :p

5. The best game ever ????
Hard question... I can't choose but I like: Gmod, Slendytubbies and Warface

6. The worst thing for you in the world ?
People who are gossiping


8. Is Mario Staline ??????
... What? xD

9. Best pokémon ever ?
I don't like pokemons >Sorry :c


11. listened to the singer Jul without dying (IT'S IMPOSSIBLE DON'T DO THAT)
I will try >.>

12. bruh
Look at me!

I tag:
:iconrockielel: :iconigrisa: :icongrc-king-gojira: :iconcrazycrazyness: :iconargoniandrake27: :iconcrocodile-from-space: :iconcortezanimations: :iconspringstars14: :iconkittycatwertheflowey:


1. Favourite anime?

2. Do you like memes on the YT?

3. Do you have cat or dog?

4. FNaF or UT? (Undertale)

5. Do you like Godzilla?

6. Did u play in Slendytubbies II/III?

7. Do you like animals?

8. What do you think about animations 3D? :3

9. Food or water?

10. Do you like creepypastas? Who do you like the most?

Also tagged by :iconkittycatwertheflowey:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other creators.
4. Post their OCs name along with their creators name/avatar

Character: Arto

Fact 1:
Arto is not a normal tubbie
Fact 2: He is infected by accident
Fact 3: He likes Faith (Character belongs to Springstars14)
Fact 4: His parts of the body are stitched
Fact 5: Arto doesn't like tubbie custards and tubby toasts
Fact 6: He runs very fast
Fact 7: It is modeled on Laa Laa and Po
Fact 8:
He didn't become infected by the custard


:iconfuturecrossed: with Ice Cube
:iconigrisa: with Sparch
:iconxamp6: with Spyn
:iconcrazycrazyness: with Rosalia

Happy Easter guys! I have no time for arts about this day but I wanted to send this for you all! ^^
Happy Easter again!
I wish all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D