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Alchemia: Anima Vitae

By wanderweird
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Ink and Colored Pencil on Posterboard
Completed at Unify Fest in Colorado
July 28, 2013

I've been studying a lot of alchemy lately, and I really like the idea of cryptic instructions being passed on to other initiates in a time of Inquisition. We find ourselves in a similar time now, especially in matters of consciousness, so I present my own alchemy for extracting the Anima Vitae, the Spirit of Life, present in all living things, even your own brain.
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tangy lion vs. lemonsnake: who will win

this is excellent, thanks for posting the full size file.  I like the way you brought the symbols together as design elements like the flower of life veils and the phoenix and double helix instead of just slapping them on there willy-nilly.  extra bonus points for referencing the Flammarion engraving
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NJadaHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is absolutely beautiful! I love the trees and their leaves. I like the yellow colored lion and snake. It kind of looks like there's another snake tale sneaking in to the right of the person meditating--hm... And the lion's mane looks like a half sliced lemon which is great. I like how you've represented the person breaking through the barrier of the physical world, so it looks.
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Pikmin08Hobbyist Artist
Is there meaning behind the snake fighting the lion?
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knight-of-rosubiaHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is epically awesome. I absolutely love this
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