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Into the not so wild by Wanderlouve
Bieszczady, my love.
Couple arts that catched my eye very hard. Thanks for sharing!

Silo  by JohnPatience

This time I would like to present here my favs from digital drawing and painting artists. So enjoy their talents. :)

Prrredacon by rrondart<da:thumb id="545996082"/>

Mature Content

Impulse by Dosu--Kinuta
Duskwood Finished by Borvar
365daysofsketches - day 179 by RobertoGatto
The twilight of Dagon by makkou4 Vantage point by Canis-ferox<da:thumb id="545807395"/>
Lost Place by Gycinn Green by parkurtommo
Control Daemon - Speedpaint Commission by Nightpark

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing :heart:

<da:thumb id="539010161"/>
The Crooked Cabin by cubehero
26.5.2015: Floating Light by Suensyan
Ghost In The Shell Fanart by AlbyU
<da:thumb id="536801406"/>
<da:thumb id="535298170"/>
home by Headdl
<da:thumb id="519716678"/>
you were the one that rallied by scottchurch
Entropy of Love by kimded
Snake by MegSyv
700 A44b1833b4ae424fdec8616ae51c5fd9dc035303 by hoooook
<da:thumb id="516631955"/>

Little feature of beloved art from all around dA. :) Enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

mt4 by MK-NI a walk in the woods pt. IX by Gehoersturz<da:thumb id="443526568"/> Time is passing by by ZephyraMilie Watercolor Etude by NataliaDrepina Snow sanctuary by Tryingtofly Oban Harbour by TarJakArt Vegas Lights by aprtre Prometheus Cave 2 by sindarelf Island by MarvinDiehl Awakening by Dybcio Warkworth Castle by newcastlemale mourn xxii by ohlin84 Picking Up by DanielBrooksLaurent Reflections by MustafaSEZER Farley by maxlake2<da:thumb id="443299672"/> Old trees in the winter field by jchanders What? by IceManDBB nets by augenweide sketch2015-2-1 by minovo Occularis by Jimpan1973<da:thumb id="510597012"/><da:thumb id="510596718"/> Fallout by DanilLovesFood The Garden Gnome by alexgphoto Nothing amazing happens here by Deto15 City of Chroma by Minyi FIELD OF THORNS - FUNERAL by Caisne<da:thumb id="509307094"/><da:thumb id="509307726"/><da:thumb id="509309276"/><da:thumb id="509308591"/> Little oasis by Gingershots Excidium by octobre-rouge eggHDR1428 by The-Egg Com Enjeaux ACEO by thedancingemu Enchanted Forest 8 by AkaSling Brain Storm by Zoubstance .thunder. by awphotoart Ice Cold Loneliness by psychiatrique Minotaur by LiamSharp dead space marine by tooDeee redoux by rdalpes Plum Dusk by EtherealSceneries Roses Are Not Red, Violets Are Dead by Kanimir<da:thumb id="505125715"/> Untitled by lisans<da:thumb id="503113283"/>


Time for another feature journal with amazing works from dA artists. :) Enjoy. Thanks for sharing!
The Watchful Sea - COVER by NicolasRGiacondino Raven by Daniele-Serra Commission: Fio by apfelgriebs Close Up by treystimpsonart<da:thumb id="501018430"/> Debod Temple in Winter Wide View by EveLivesey Journey2 by Nastasja007 Retro sci fi botanical garden by Tryingtofly Cityscape 01 by kios18 'The Core' by PELLOWCONCEPTS Kasai by JosephBiwald Melancolie... by ChristineAmat Sprengen by Niersen by Veluwewood<da:thumb id="500482569"/> Autumn in Northumberland 2 by newcastlemale Promenade by organicvision The sand guardians by Nahelus Shades Of Autumn by Estruda ~ falling skies ~ by twindisch Sunspear by jonathanguzi Pan by FLOWERZZXU 0659 by foto-duet Dvojno jezero II by BerarAdrian Lonely lovely planet by elia-illustration The Jade Gates by Foxfires Waiting for a ride by PaVet-Photography Scarecrow mask by HessianForHire<da:thumb id="345552663"/> Fox by Olggah Time by Sylar113 ruin by gacher Sargeras by Joel-Lagerwall An Icy View of Pennsylvania by SharpPhotoStudio Winter in Poland 2014 || by e-uphoria cologne. by Blubdi-Photography I wish... by TheScratcher Shue of Shroom by TheScratcher Short-lived by Laurent-Dubus Pointless Waiting by sanntta82 Chem Strike by derbz Truth about the new light saber by kuroe702 Pteroreaper by Herckeim Rocket Cave concept - Personal project by byakko-kun Universe is quiet today by AMoZoe Another planet by Menoevil The Breeder by Sanskarans

The Blue IV by RemusSirion Reflection of a dartfrog by AngiWallace M4V stellar class red dwarf+binary brown dwarfs #1 by nirklars Time Passages by songofabanshee Life imitates art by songofabanshee The Last Temptation by KingaBritschgi Lost and Found by BeatrizMartinVidal The Gate by Rowye Emerald Lakes by Dee-T Head2 by 22zddr Train station in Edinburgh by FunkyBah Oh Mother by evyallen

I didn't post any journal for such a long time! So I decided to make one and put in it as much beauty as I can haha, so here we go, my favorites from past few months. That mean - which I found in this period. Enjoy!

Sunrise on the Matterhorn by artamusica mourn XVIII by ohlin84 422 by EirikHavre City in Hand by KFCfilmz All Roads . . . by maxlake2 A Foggy Morning In Fall by kkart Godrays Over The Marshland by JestePhotography THE LONE RANGER by TimFowl<da:thumb id="479910357"/> Untitled by kriakao Bands of Light by Draken413o<da:thumb id="476394958"/> Carolafelsen by EmmmBeee Cascade Canyon - Sunset by wyorev Autumn Rust by offermoord dove by confuzzledMia<da:thumb id="220625485"/> Foghouse by SkylerBrown Tatra Mountains (2014)_II by carolinbie Der Nebel im Tal by feigenfrucht Misty Mountains by myINQI Layers and variety by gigi50<da:thumb id="474327079"/> fog over the river by Tanchick Autumn river by miirex September's Beaming by DanielBrooksLaurent Blue by AStoKo<da:thumb id="481329594"/> The Unfolding by Wetterlage<da:thumb id="479308548"/> The dawn in Iceland by cemerald [Request] Heru by RitsuSoul Walking in Shadows by AnnMarieBone Dragon II by MariannaInsomnia Hello! by MaresaSinclair<da:thumb id="484305085"/> Naturfahrrad by thestargazer23 Masterplan by Wetterlage Munkebu by Annabelle-Chabert<da:thumb id="484105490"/> Life by Wetterlage The illusion of alternatives by Wetterlage Rustic Warmth by Anj3lla Kent's castle by ratinrage Painted by Nature by ChiFeng-dA Le Jour Se Leve8 by hubert61 Le Jour Se Leve6 by hubert61<da:thumb id="485294328"/> The Scavenger by peterpateman WINTER PARK (A STUDY) by Badusev<da:thumb id="485762211"/> Unserer Lieben Frau von der Eiche by offermoord Careful, I'M A DRAGON NOW! by Unkopierbar Golden Myst by Addran Golden Tuscany by Addran Yamdrok Tso (Turquoise) Lake, Tibet by jup3nep Who's that girl? My Ana :)) by jup3nep Light and shadows by jup3nep flowing 2 by Mark-Heather La Forteresse Onirique _ Study BW by alexandre-deschaumes Autumn Magic by ferrohanc Angler by starykocur Sylarna by Richard-Cederfjard 2j7a0423 by DanielMyszkowski Nida river by DanielMyszkowski Dimitrios II -  Gythio, Greece by denjazzer<da:thumb id="487732811"/> Always forward by starykocur Autumnal Bleeding by offermoord Loner by xmilek Painting: Derbyshire Light by AnnMarieBone Huit by as-red-as-fire Drunk by muratsuyur The return of the jedi 02 by Bojkovski Prowl by xmilek Building Geometry 2 by Destroth Mushrooms 3 by Triangularwheel .::. by gratteloup The Raven by maxlake2 Cathedral Rock by maxlake2 428 by EirikHavre Storm Over Norfolk (UK) 11-10-2014 by DanielBrooksLaurent And The Stars Began To Fall Like Rain by Unkopierbar A way to Smoke on the Water by druteika Misty Mountain by FancyFish77 CORONATION by kerbyrosanes Koksu River by box426 MOLESKINE DOODLES: Spirit Decay by kerbyrosanes Over the Hill by Kaeley Alg-surr-012 by aleguillard kalkstein Jerusalem 5 by christophf After Bath by MustafaSEZER<da:thumb id="466566058"/> DotA 2 - Lina and Invoker by MilliganVick LODOS by MustafaSEZER<da:thumb id="488119101"/><da:thumb id="488113159"/> Trees in the fog by alvin-85 Pathway by MikkoLagerstedt

Standing by gratteloup<da:thumb id="488531933"/> Winter Dress by gRiM-sTrEaKeR Sleeping Beauty by zoldszorny<da:thumb id="488458009"/> the cold light of day by ChiFeng-dA

autum veiw by sonafoitova Zombie Snow White by CD842 Waterdrop by ada-adriana haunted by dysny Fleet Valley mist by Coigach Valborg by Svartz Croc by EduardVisan Forest of Miracles 2 by Mountainslynx Insecure Skeletor by DanielKarlsson Wonder Woman 38 cover detail David Finch R Friend by Blasterkid .... by gratteloup RUN by getcarter Autumn Mountains by GraySho<da:thumb id="489413940"/> Maybe a bit younger Slackjaw by Nonparanoid Dignity by xmilek Industrial Evolution by Wetterlage

Mature Content

The Beast is Back... by MissGrib
Escape Route by Wetterlage Le Cabinet de Curiosites - The Mermaid by AlexandraVBach<da:thumb id="473076693"/><da:thumb id="453548573"/><da:thumb id="343233031"/>

Thanks for sharing this pieces of art!!!
Because of the wonderful contest in one of the best groups of dA - here is the feature of the winning artists!
Couple bests I found here on dA in August:

Portrait de rue by hubert61 Nosey by xmilek Bird of Prey by IceManDBB Segla by misa2525 Brinkburn Priory by newcastlemale<da:thumb id="478218217"/> 8dDdBFm5ZWE by Tekhi mourn XVI by ohlin84<da:thumb id="477732841"/> northern wind by LiigaKlavina Revelation by xmilek Tempete by Fant0me

Thanks for sharing this beautiful art :)

the song of a captivated one

I am being drawn to you
like a monk to heaven
a gypsy to a violin
the hungry one to bread
like a drunkard to a glass
a bear to honey
headlong, like stink
it is magnetising me towards you

I am being drawn to you...

like a pilgrim to the road
a card player to cards
for better or for worse
and like God knows how
and like all the devils
and all the angels
have obstinately had it in for me
in your eyes
Listening to this lovely concert before go to sleep. :) 



beginning is not nor end cannot be
shine as a flame in the midst of thy body
this is the curse on you
the curse on me
your name has been carved in the palm of my hands
call the name and fly away
break that evil spell on me
damned souls whirling ahead of our sins
deliver us from the contents of time
deliver us from the contents of our body
damned souls whirling ahead of our sins

And another +fav journal with works that I liked most in July. Wonderful job, thanks for sharing! Oh and enjoy this beautiful art. :)
The Serpent Tree by Estruda Bear River by katalen<da:thumb id="470447175"/> A Private Piece of Paradise by blueRnN Evening Mist by Quaiasla Malvern Beacon Summit by Ben-Jennings Pretty in Pink by MtnMama Wide Open by giladrom<da:thumb id="467453759"/> Suscinio by tiquitiqui<da:thumb id="467578049"/> Ivy by jxsnyder Rosa II by Yvonnne92<da:thumb id="466929089"/> Zabrze by night 01 by RafalBigda<da:thumb id="466730453"/><da:thumb id="466730135"/> De Natura Sonorum by offermoord Top of the world by Fukurokudzu Untitled by Brue8158 The Ghosts of a Graveyard by ArisonKatora The Tree by elvenmaedchen Path to the West by Triangularwheel Appalachian Sunset by tastelikchickn Wise Oak by aw-landscapes Vain Whirling To the Past... by Darkensilver in the gloaming by beauty-and-nature forgotten p(a)lace by Attila-G Nature buries the dead by AKFrostwriter<da:thumb id="341505418"/> sunset right by bebefromtheblock

:bademoticon: Paw Print (Purple) - F2U! :bademoticon: Paw Print (Rainbow) - F2U! :bademoticon: 

Rusted brandy in a diamond glass 
Everything is made from dreams 
Time is made from honey slow and sweet 
Only the fools know what it means 

Temptation, temptation, temptation
I can't resist 

In honor of our contest we are featuring this wonderful photos of members. :)

The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.
Hello in July. :) It's time for summation my favs from June. So, here we go! Look at this wonderful art! :) Thanks for sharing.

Abandoned movie location in the Tabernas desert by zuissell Line... by wewe18 Chatoyant by CaveCanem42 Arctic fog by DoctorPhrog Sunbeamforest by Lenning Number one by seianti Sunset II by SymmetryIsKeyDTK Wanderer above sea of fog by PawelUchorczak Old Blue by Edrahin Ocaso en el Campo by nadril83 Boat by khmaria Old Norwich Ways by DanielBrooksLaurent Spirt in the sky by greenramble Sherri Blossoms by helios-spada Morning Fog in the Forest by 5isalive dazzled by windrides A Place Beyond The End by borda Northumberland woodland by newcastlemale Granddaddy's Forest by A-H-Ward /\~ by gratteloup Sequel by xmilek

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