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A glimpse of a ghost enchantress once came to the Beast's mansion too send terrible news. She was Malvicent. She cursed the Beast and the objects to stay like that in the mansion, forever. Everyone hated that fearful curse, so Belle stood up, made a stand to ghostly Malvicent, and told her not to just to curse people because its fatell and wrong. 
"Is there something you want me to do?"
"Yes, please let my beast and friends go"
"Then, we make a deal, you and the prince will trade lives"
"I will turn you into a mad dog, so all of your pathetic friends would be human again"
"Do we have a deal?"
Belle thought for a moment, "Yes,I will sacrifice my self for my friends".
Malevicent started her magic, lots of green was forming Belle, turning into a slender Saluki,her hair turned into overhead style, fair fur all around her body, her hazel eyes remained the same, and a red spot on her back, where her red pegasus wings are placed, and a white underbelly, and a dog's cold black nose.
"Belle, what happened to you" Lurmiere confusedly said. To answer his question, Malevient explained that Belle would remain a dog with wings forevermore."Um, I'm not getting any younger here" Mrs. Potts demanded, and with no hesitation, Malevient turned everyone into their human selves, including the Beast, now as prince Adam walked up to Belle was okay. Dazed, from the spell, she looked upon Adam and licked by the cheek."Its okay my princess Beauty, we're all happy you did this for us" he said. Belle asked him"what would my father think of me now". "I'm sure he won't fret about what what just happened to you" Belle said"You think so?" He responded "I know so".In a Flash after Belle was transformed, and fixing everyone, Malvicent transported herself in a flash to the haunted Graveyard, where all evil villains died out, and are all ghosts who will haunt their mortal enemies forever. Adam was carrying Belle in his arms, Wardrobe told her "I would guess you need better and cuter clothes now, as a pretty doggy and all" "Thank you Wardrobe", Belle said."I still can't believe you've turned into a dog with wings my dear!" Mrs. Potts explained. Chip asked "Will you be able to fly like a bird?" "I don't think she would want to practice doing that" Cogsworth responded. " You might be right about that Cogsworth, I have never thought about flying until now." Belle said to him. When she saw Ottoman Dog, Belle leaped from Adam's arms and started to attack him, with bright yellow and rage in her eyes, she tour Ottoman to shreds of fabric."No, Belle stop!" Adam scolded her, but it was too late.She now has the ability and forced to tear apart anything and everyone. With the yellow from her eyes were gone, she realized she killed one of her friends. Weeping, she apologized to everyone for destroying their dog. "There has to be a way to stop her hurting everyone like that." Mrs. Potts said. "Maybe we'll leave her to control herself from doing harms away" Adam said before thinking before saying." I will try to do that" Belle said. After killing Ottoman dog and destroying everything in the castle, Belle went to her old home town.Telling everyone that she was transformed into a winged dog,Everyone in the village were shocked. Knowing her father would shocked too,she told him anyway."Father, would you still love me, even though I'm part beast and dog. Or will you send me away to a dungeon?" She asked him. Maurice told "No, I would never send my lovely daughter away!" "Huh"-Belle.I would still love you, even if you completely changed you looks." Her Father explained."Even when I have wings?" she asked. "Even when you have wings." He said. At last he hugged her, and she licked him on the cheeks, smiling."Even when your a beast, you will always find love around you"- Wander Fluttershy.


Julia Gleason
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I like to print out pictures and tape them on cardboard sticks, and play with them like dolls. I can draw and sing.


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