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Lirai's Light Glaive



I figured I would toss this up before my time away from home.

This would be the Lightsaber variant that a friend-of-mine's character uses. She's a particularly picky customer, and I wasn't able to get too many details out of her before starting work on this, so I just used my knowledge of her character (A Zeltronian Gray Jedi), her favorite color palette (The writer and the character's), and just ran with it.

I personally love how it turned out, but I know there will be further detail changes down the line, somewhere down the line (Optimistically xD) when she -finally- decides to open up to me on all the goods.

Lightsaber Glaive? Pretty sweet.
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My first thought was a no-dachi, but then the last D&D character I played who used a no-dachi used the stats for a glaive. ^_^

I like the tassel at the safe (comparatively speaking) end.  I imagine that many find it distracting. And that the wielder can take advantage of that.