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Tribute to the awesome Monty Oum.
Ahhh done at last.

Pixel art takes a lot longer than I ever suspected. Now I've done a few I've realised how much effort (and squinting) is involved. I thought RWBY would be a little easier seeing as how they are simple colours and not too detailed designs. Wrong again Tom. It took just as much effort as every other sprite I've made.
I'm not moaning though. It's a nice change of pace trying something new and seeing what you can produce.

Hope you folks like them.

Click here for Team JNPR…
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Hello, sorry to bother you. I'd like to use these sprites for a project of mine, which allows people to display picture on Linux terminals. ( The sprites are converted in a ".pony" file, in which can be found various metadata, including the artist. Moreover, you'd be featured in the artist list. Thank you for your answer, it's perfectly fine if you'd prefer not to. (And if you accept, would you be fine if I include other pixelart of yours as well ?) Thank you in advance for your answer !

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estan muy lindas
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Very awesome work
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Could you please make my rwby oc sprite?
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I'm sorry but I no longer take requests. I'm so busy that I can only spare time for commissions.
Hello. I am from rwby nation face book page and was wondering if i could use this on our page
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Sorry for the late reply but yes, please feel free to use them.
thank you very much :D
May I copy it to some free place at
Of course I will add credits to yours art, and coordinates here.
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Sorry for the late reply. I thought I had responded to your message but I guess not.
Here is updated (full) gallery of RWBY team:,2150
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I've just seen the update. That's very cool. Thanks.
Thank you :)
Here is completed Ruby's art customized to meet 16 color palette standard:,2110
Unfortunately I've choosen bad place, so the other heroines can't be placed near. When I'll have some free time I'll try to adapt other characters too ;)
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Rwby the rpg, plus I have my oc with me.…
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YESSS thus would be such a badass game sprite!!
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So well made, amazing job !
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Thank you. I'm still blown away by how many people like them. I had no idea they would be so popular.
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