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felt like doing a rlly quick doodle of best her..
there's slight changes to her design as you can see but that was just for fun as i had nothing to do so i was just adding random crap as i went along lmao
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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Really snazzy do-up of Rainbow...!
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i really like her mane XD
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Such a good design!! I love the things you added!!
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ah, glad you like it!!! thought they'd be a nice touch ((: <3
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She's beautiful!
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thank yooou!!! ^^ <33333
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I LOVE your version of her! Very inspiring 
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aaa glad to hear that! tysm!!! <3
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godddd your art is so cute;u;
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aaAA THIS IS SO PRETTY her expression is so cute
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aaa thanks i quite like how her expression turned out too haha ^^
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I love the way you draw ponies heccc they be so prettyyyy!!
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awh, thank you so much!!! (:
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