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'Scraps' Crew Lineup by WanderingGoose 'Scraps' Crew Lineup :iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 11 0
Repeat Customers
A few dozen shoppers of varying species milled around Station Zeta’s main plaza.  Whoever said space was serene obviously never set foot on an orbital trading post.  While Zeta was far from the most popular market in ungoverned space, it sure felt like it to anyone caught in the dinner rush.  If a patron wasn’t careful, it was easy to spill their meal as they jostled through the crowds.  Without a doubt, elbow room was hard to come by for everyone.  Well, hard for anyone who wasn’t a Gurk.
Venka leaned against a recessed wall so her back and bushy tail pressed against the cool metal.  The plaza’s simulated sky was set to night, draping the female Gurk in a soft shadow.  Her blue fur and muted clothing blended into the darkness, leaving her nearly invisible except for one detail.  Venka’s luminous, golden eyes betrayed her position, but she preferred it this way.
Two hungry Vilo engineers approached Venka’s spot
:iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 5 3
Fight Another Day: Part 2 of 2
Part 2
Hours before daylight, the team awoke and made their final preparations.  Dex and Koval helped themselves to fresh Commonwealth combat vests, armor, and batteries.  Tib and Rav grabbed batteries too, along with upgraded com systems.  The Gurks donned goggles that hid their eyes’ bioluminescence, yet didn’t hamper their night vision abilities.  Venka added a few elbow and knee pads to her attire, and loaded her belt and bag with remote plasmex charges.  Feliks checked his rifle, and the scattergun he carried on his back.  Before he was finished, he slipped a few extra plasma cells into loops on his armor.
“Everyone ready?” Scuff said.  He and Spark wore Rygol combat uniforms complete with matching helmets, thermal goggles, and a few modifications of their own.  The most conspicuous were a few extra pouches on their tail covers.  Their RAR-37s were polished and charged for battle.
Koval grabbed a compact Gurk roc
:iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 4 7
Fight Another Day: Part 1 of 2
Synopsis: A ruthless armada will stop at nothing to purge the galaxy for their mysterious leader.  Although their efforts were thwarted before, they have spent the years since the last war preparing to unleash an unspeakable onslaught on all worlds that stand before them.  On a planet in the neutral zone, eight warriors of four different species find themselves stranded in a city lost to the invaders.  Alone and left for dead, their only chance for survival lies in working together in the face of impossible odds.
Story start:
“We’ve hit the upper atmo, Captain!”
Far below the climbing frigate, Captain Dex smiled.  “Fire your engines and don’t look back, kid.”  As his gunship’s shielding finally failed, he rushed to finish his farewell.
“Cap, there’s still time!” the young voice on the coms said.
Energy weapon bursts sizzled through the air around Dex’s ship. Eventually, an emerald-green bolt woul
:iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 6 7
The Geek Shall Inherit
“Video paused.  Deactivating holographic theater display.”
Eva Velas blinked as the holograms around her faded, revealing the bright infirmary.  She rubbed her brown eyes but was careful not to disturb the needle in her arm.
“Done already, Doc?” she said to the other woman in the room. “I just got to the best part.”
Dr. Jennifer Naloo approached the table and smiled.  “Sorry, you’ll have to finish your movie later.  Besides, I’d better get that needle out before it drains you.  Don’t wanna be too weak for today.”
With the needle gone, Eva quickly healed.  She readjusted herself on the table until her legs dangled over the edge, suddenly aware of how cold the infirmary felt, especially in her black tank top and bare feet.
“Thanks for the donation,” Dr. Naloo said. “I should be able to make plenty of Alopex, so you can make yourself comfortable.”
:iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 8 1
Fox Blade and Sheath by WanderingGoose Fox Blade and Sheath :iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 4 4
Homecoming (Wolf's Gift Story Challenge)
With every mile put between her and the city, Wind felt more and more peaceful.  If her stress were a wool sweater, it was as if a thread was stuck somewhere in the city and the further she traveled, the more the sweater came undone.  Of course cities had their benefits, but the bustling holiday season could be taxing for most people, let alone a werewolf.  Needless to say, a break from the commotion was definitely needed.
Dressed snuggly, Wind stared out the passenger’s side window and idly sipped a can of Dr. Pepper.  Pure snow blanketed the hills, trees, and mountains for miles in all directions as she smiled to herself.  She shared her warm grin with her husband, Dart, who gently guided the car around a short bend in the road.  He returned the smile before returning his eyes to the road.  Without a doubt, there was no place they’d rather be than wherever they were together; except for their destination, of course.
The cou
:iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 23 16
Wayward Souls
“They’re coming!”
“I know, it sounds like they’re on the stairs.  Keep an eye on them.”
“You got it!”
As Collin left the room, I shoved the old spell book into my backpack and threw it over my shoulder.  I tucked my blonde ponytail into my crimson jacket and patted myself down.  Phone, wallet, keys?  Oh, right.  Stupid apocalypse. Even a month into the nightmare and I still found myself holding onto old habits.  Guns, flashlight, machete?  Check, check, and checkmate! That’s more like it.
I drew my .22 pistol and flicked on the flashlight under its barrel.  Collin phased through the door effortlessly, but his face was tense.  From the volume of the moans creeping up the stairwell, I could tell my barricades had failed.  “How many are we dealing with?” I asked.
“Only five or so,” Collin replied. “But there are more where they came from.
:iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 6 2
The Fox and the Traveler
When the hour grows late and the light leaves your side, I will take its place.
As Shadows surround you and hide the path ahead, I will be your guide.
Darkness and uncertainty cloud your vision, but mine is still clear.
Let me be your eyes when you cannot see, your ears when you cannot hear, and your warmth when you are cold.
Hold onto your voice but share it with me.  I hear more than most, but listen best of all.
If the answer lies in your own words, I will find it for you.
If an answer lies within mine, I will give it to you.
While I don’t speak often, each friendly word holds more worth to you than a hundred empty nods.
The path ahead is rough and fraught with obstacles made worse by the night.
Follow me over, under, around, or even in ways you’ve never dreamed.
Shift and be swift with me, flowing as wind and just as soft.
For we are not alone and the Shadows are not as still as we thought.
Our adversaries are devious, but they don’t know who’s at your
:iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 2 0
Adventures in Pupsitting
Chris cleaned his sneakers off on the Brewtons’ doormat as he waited to be let inside.  He wondered if all werewolf families had the same “Wipe Your Paws!” doormat at their homes or just the ones he knew.  Soon enough, the door opened and Mr. Brewton waved him inside.
“Hey there!  You’re just in time,” Mr. Brewton said. “We were worried it’d take you a bit longer to get here.”
“No worries Mr. B!” Chris replied as he set his duffle bag down in the foyer and kicked off his shoes. “I took the Yamaha so I wouldn’t have to pedal all the way over.”
Mrs. Brewton greeted Chris as she wheeled a suitcase to the door.  “Hello Chris, how’s your summer been?”
“Pretty normal so far, I can’t complain.  Got some books to get through before the school year starts,” Chris said. “I’m just glad I could help you out.”
The couple chuckled and gave
:iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 25 18
Cascadia Rifle Concept by WanderingGoose Cascadia Rifle Concept :iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 1 0 CUSP Desert Paint by WanderingGoose CUSP Desert Paint :iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 0 0 AK47 Wolverine by WanderingGoose AK47 Wolverine :iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 2 0
The Next Phase Story World Glossary
Blackfield- Born from the chaos and fear of the witch hunts, Blackfield grew to become a force for promoting harmony between the natural and supernatural world.  With untold innocent lives lost to the fear, ignorance, and hatred of those suspected of possessing supernatural powers, the predecessors of the organization vowed to research, protect, and communicate with humans and creatures of all kinds.  They believe that knowledge and understanding can bring all creatures on Earth to their full potential in peaceful coexistence.  As a secretive, non-governmental organization, Blackfield operates around the world, handling supernatural cases while trying to leave “normal” affairs and politics to their respective governments.  They employ humans and supernatural creatures alike, the most common being werewolves.  Wolves work with normal human agents called Ravens to form small teams ready to handle anything the weird, wonderful, and ofte
:iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 4 2
The Sins of the Waterfall
Synopsis: The Cascadia Arms Corporation has spent years preparing for humanity’s conflict with the supernatural.  While maintaining their façade as a conventional weapons manufacturer, they have been secretly working to ensure that humanity will have the upper hand.  They assemble their army piece by piece and it won’t be long before they are ready to make their struggle public.  For three werewolf families on a weekend getaway, the evening is about to become a nightmare as the company sets their sights on them.
Richmond, Virginia
May 2015
Ariano Sandoval entered his host’s office with his briefcase in hand; its formal appearance in stark opposition to his casual clothing.  Lieutenant General Carlisle was similarly dressed in a blue, buttoned shirt and dark slacks.  The general closed the door to his study and engaged the lock.  Even though he didn’t expect any more visitors, Mr. Sandoval subtlety suggested that their meeting n
:iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 7 6
N is for Neutral
Dawn came for Commander Martinez the same way it did for as long as he could remember; peacefully. After all, dead planets aren’t known for their rude awakenings. The officer rolled out of his bunk and shambled over to the bathroom in his compact living quarters. Although there were thousands of derelict homes to choose from, Commander Martinez had grown attached to his Battlefield Control Vehicle and could never dream of living anywhere else. Anywhere, except his home on Earth, that is.
Following his morning laser-bath and oral hygiene routine, the commander found himself donning his combat uniform and brushing his pepper-grey hair in front of a mirror. Suddenly, the mirror’s underlying display screen alerted Martinez to an incoming transmission. He ordered the mirror to answer the message and activate its camera as well.
“Are you dead yet?” asked the man on the screen wearing a similar uniform.
Commander Martinez chuckled. “If I was, how would I answer t
:iconwanderinggoose:WanderingGoose 1 4


Explorers by uzelok21 Explorers :iconuzelok21:uzelok21 12 4 Whisperdron: Error by uzelok21 Whisperdron: Error :iconuzelok21:uzelok21 11 3 Commission for WanderingGoose truck by Pixezure Commission for WanderingGoose truck :iconpixezure:Pixezure 12 4 Gift for WanderingGoose sketch by Pixezure Gift for WanderingGoose sketch :iconpixezure:Pixezure 11 2 Commission by AlexVanArsdale Commission :iconalexvanarsdale:AlexVanArsdale 48 27 Commission - Shawna for WanderingGoose - 10-19-18 by Mattartist25 Commission - Shawna for WanderingGoose - 10-19-18 :iconmattartist25:Mattartist25 70 5 Larkspur by Kiaun Larkspur :iconkiaun:Kiaun 90 17 Otterly Autumn by WindWo1f Otterly Autumn :iconwindwo1f:WindWo1f 110 20 Commission for WanderingGoose by Pixezure Commission for WanderingGoose :iconpixezure:Pixezure 16 6 Werewolf Lineup by WindWo1f Werewolf Lineup :iconwindwo1f:WindWo1f 103 9 Commission - Kelly for WanderingGoose - 4-20-18 by Mattartist25 Commission - Kelly for WanderingGoose - 4-20-18 :iconmattartist25:Mattartist25 94 14 [c] wanderinggoose -- 'dont fucc with me' by kltsunya [c] wanderinggoose -- 'dont fucc with me' :iconkltsunya:kltsunya 2 2 There will be peace one day... by uzelok21 There will be peace one day... :iconuzelok21:uzelok21 12 2 Panthera teagris - the tea tiger by EosFoxx Panthera teagris - the tea tiger :iconeosfoxx:EosFoxx 28 1 Jenna - Flat Color Commission by CasDwelis Jenna - Flat Color Commission :iconcasdwelis:CasDwelis 1 0 Space Gryphon Armored Wings by AlexVanArsdale Space Gryphon Armored Wings :iconalexvanarsdale:AlexVanArsdale 29 41


'Scraps' Crew Lineup

Art by WindWo1f :iconwindwo1f:

If you dig it, please fave her original art here!

Characters are my own, from the story Scraps in Werewolves Versus Fashion, the latest issue of the Werewolves Versus online zines The story is set in my Next Phase universe, and is loosely connected to Silent No More from Werewolves Versus Music.  It tells the story of three werewolf rebels fighting to free the world from the grip of the Cascadia Corporation, and how their lives were interwoven with each other through the darkest of times.


Littleton was just a junior in high school when the war began.  Although her childhood was defined by her battle with leukemia, becoming a werewolf granted her a chance to rewrite how her story would end.  She spent the first several months of the war alone, learning to fend for herself thanks to her new abilities, but the life of a lone wolf started to take its toll.

Inspired by “classic” werewolf costumes/styles, Littleton wears plaid shirts and ripped jeans.  She has her own reasons in the story, but for me it was a way to represent a sort of starting point. 



Breckenridge (or Breck) is a born werewolf, and kept his nature a secret until the war broke out.  He lost his family early in the conflict, and spent time alone in the wilderness like Littleton did.  However, he formed a new family with the rebels who found him, and will do anything to protect them.  Breck is one of the more optimistic rebels, despite his past, and is always ready to take the fight to Cascadia.

The clothing Breck wears is more representative of the middle years of the war.  It’s heavily worn, ripped, and repaired because of all it’s been through.  Interestingly, the mid-war years are when more rebels started integrating Cascadia/Garita Industries-made armor into their loadouts.



The oldest of the three rebels pictured, Larkspur studied to be an EMT before the war.  She also enjoyed creating her own costumes in her free time, a skill that later proved useful to the rebel effort.  As a medic and “combat tailor,” she patches up her friends one way or another.  Professional and capable under fire, Larkspur is the kind of wolf any rebel wants to have covering their tail.

Here Larkspur is dressed as she normally would be for regular missions.  Most of her outfit is old human military gear or captured Cascadia equipment modified for her.  Of course, she also includes a few pieces of leatherwork she made herself, like her gear pouch or bracer for healing serums.


And that ends the main cast lineup!  If you’d like to read more, please check out Werewolves Versus: Fashion and look for “Scraps,” by Juan C. Moreno.  The issue is pay-what-you-want to download.  You can even pay $0, read it, and pay whatever you’d like to afterwards.  Any money we make is split among the artists, and it helps us put out more material in the future.

I have some exciting Werewolves Versus news to announce soon! This is kind of a teaser, but official announcements to come!
The online magazine (or 'zine) I've written for is gauging interest for getting the first 5 issues professionally printed into a book (or books). Besides pitting werewolves against different themes, each issue is packed with so many genre mash-ups, there's bound to be something for everyone. Action, romance, comedy, horror, and more (all with a lupine twist, of course) fill the pages. The 5 main issues are pay-what-you-want (including free) downloads, but we're hoping to get them printed soon. So, if you're a fan of creature features and are looking for a new read, check out the Werewolves Versus catalog!

About page:

The informal Twitter poll is here:…

So if you have a Twitter account and would like to cast your vote, head on over!


Juan, John, Jan, Ivan
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Officially: I’m just a college-age guy who enjoys a variety of genres and styles that will usually end up being blended into my writings. After being a deviant for just a little over a year now, I’ve met some pretty great people and made a few new friends. I’m always willing meet new deviants so feel free to stop and say “Hi!” or introduce yourself. I’m mostly into posting literature, mainly short stories or multi-chaptered collections which I’ve tried to organize in my gallery. Any visual art I post is usually done by another deviant and posted with their permission or a cover image for a story.

Unofficially: I’m Fate, creator of the worlds of my imagination. Inspired by countless books, movies, games, shows, people and events in my life, I wrote several worlds into existence and filled them with characters. However, despite the name, I don’t really have as much control over everything as you would imagine. If you’ve ever written or drawn a character to life, you may have watched them take on a life of their own. It’s pretty fascinating, isn’t it?

For this reason, I see myself as both a writer and observer. I simultaneously watch and create the stories you see here, amazed by how they can twist and turn as if completely unbound by my will. So in the end, though I’m just a writer, I take on many roles, watching the worlds I created and the people who live in them. I’m a bird in the sky, following three friends across the verdant beauty of their post-apocalyptic world; the new guy in the office, learning how to work in supernatural defense; the frightened kid, given hope by the sight of the older ones defeating an alien machine; the mechanic in the airship hangar, keeping each Pegasus craft ready for another mission. Whoever I am, I’m never far from the next adventure that is about to unfold.

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