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Please don't come at me or hate me for this if someone ever does, dunno why but yeah someone could-

Sometimes I post blinding art pieces or adopts based off of scenecore. And its all rainbow and bright colors. Most of the time in the art description if it has really bright colors, I would say please don't complain about it. If you don't like it, leave and don't comment on it.

A few people don't read the description, and they complain about it anyways.

I know not everyone reads descriptions, that is why I'm making this.

I don't need feedback that your eyes hurt, I bet it does! Most people know about the bright stuff I make. And I apologize, I enjoy drawing stuff like that.

It sometimes makes me upset and angry that not every single person follows the description and doesn't do as I say.

It's simple, it's not a hard task.. This is all I'm asking. If you don't like bright colors, please leave and don't comment about it..! Please. That is all I want you all to do. It's not hard, it's simple. I'm sorry if I hurt your eyes and all of that. I am just drawing what I like to draw! Don't expect me to always do adopts and characters with pale colors, I like it colorful! Many colors makes me have a lot of emotion, colors express many things!

Thanks for reading! ( If any of you even did ) Just PLEASE do as I say.. I'm not forcing you anything, I just hate when many people comment on my stuff that involves bright colors and they say my eyes hurt.. Especially when it says don't complain in the description!

I'll try to tone the colors down, but please don't come at me for this or hate me for this. I just do what I love.. :'I

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I think most of the reasons people complain it’s like flashing stuff if you make a video with flashing lights and put it in the comments “flash warning“ people can have a seizure/ or get sick before reading the comments that’s why most people put a warning in the vide/ post so everyone is safe, you can’t warn someone of flash warning after they are affected by it, that’s my reason. I’m not saying to stop, you do you I’m just saying thats the reason most of the time


I don't necessarily make gifs or videos with flashing lights, but recently I did make a gif that had sparkles on it.. -

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I know but normally people who make art put a “bright colors” warning, ya know and I think sparkles is fine idk


Yeah, I might have to start doing that now

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Yeah just so you won’t get comments like that and to keep everyone safe it’s the best option