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Hesperonychus elizabethae - revised



So, this image was licensed for Dino 101, a MOOC produced by the University if Alberta ( I have revised the drawing as best as I could, simply erasing the fluffy tail and drawing over what was already present. Unfortunately, the production team used the old image instead of the new one I sent, but this latest version will be installed eventually. I believe it appears in the lecture Week 7: What is a Species?

A fairly significant fossil that is not yet well represented on Deviantart. Here's North America's smallest carnivorous non-avian dinosaur! Woo! Not only that, but it's North America's first known Dromeosaurid belonging to the Microraptorinae subfamily. It has been found in Alberta's Dinosaur Park and Oldman formations, which was laid down in the middle Campanian around 75 million years ago. The holotype consists only of an imcomplete pelvic girdle, (though a few toes and claws were also found and may belong to Hesperonychus), so I had to take some liberties in drawing the reconstruction. Of course I thought it perfectly feasible to derive Hesperonychus' features from other better preserved Dromaeosaurids.
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