The Greenhouse: Precepts of Egress [STORY PREVIEW]

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After every list we will update our Upcoming Stories located here on the Greenhouse page. The Upcoming Stories list will include the next 5 Story Themes to look forward to including the AP requirement. There will always be 5 lists so you can properly plan with your cooldown status in mind. We will continue to strive to post 1-2 lists per month.

Specific dates or times for the Greenhouse posts are not be announced ahead of time.

After claiming a Story MYO you must wait for 4 new lists to come out before you are eligible to claim again. You can track your cooldown status here.

There will be no "surprise" Greenhouses, we will always follow along with what is announced at the beginning of the month. NPC have two stories connected to them and these stories will rotate back through the Greenhouse multiple times, so if you miss one you will have another chance. Stories are catalogued in the stories webpage and include inspiration prompts to help you begin working with your character. These prompts do not include bonuses, they only offer suggestions on how you can integrate your esk successfully into the NPC's storyline.

Different stories have different AP requirements depending on what is included in the MYO. AP requirements will always be announced ahead of time.

How the Greenhouse works

NPC/story themes and AP requirements are organized here showing the upcoming 5 stories.

A story preview will be posted at any time before the MYO list is posted. It will be at minimum 48 hours before the MYOs are revealed. This preview does not include a time or date announcement about the upcoming MYO list, it only provides general information so you know what type of theme the list will follow.

The MYO list will be posted sometime after the story preview without prior notice.

There will then be a 30 minute preview window before claims open.

New * After the 30 minute preview, a staff member will post a new top-level comment with a link to a google sign up form. You will need to fill out the form to submit your claim. You may only submit the google form for one letter at a time; in the first hour of claims being open, you will be able to submit a max of three claims.

Upcoming Gh Stories  Banner By Sandscales  By Eras

Upcoming Greenhouse Stories:

Seventh’s Tortured Souls : Fell Through the Ice - 1200AP (elemental esk) - Transformed by the eerie Seventh, these esk are bestowed with powerful and sometimes uncontrollable abilities.

X’s Unfinished Tales : Vita Brevis - 900 AP (normal esk) These esk were artists once. Unable to fulfill their potential in life, X transformed them into esk to preserve their skills.

Majanthi's Cleansing Smoke : Dune Speakers - 800 AP (normal esk) These esk were companions to Majanthi, and awarded a transformation by her to continue as her disciples.

Vetru's Scorched Plains : Trapped by Wildfires - 500AP (normal esk) In one blaze of flame, these souls find their lives changed forever. These esk were transformed by Vetru, in their attempt to give them a good home in the plains.

Makoa's Surf Party: Cool Enough for School - 1700AP (elemental esk) Makoa is always happy to welcome an entourage of fish back to frolicking and exploring with him and his friends.

It is a cold but majestic world - hard lines and clear skies, and all the life feels puny by comparison. A whisper of a breeze might be the only comfort you can get..
Raaga Jeidoll

Raaga's name holds a mysterious weight for other esk. He is hard-working, elusive, and selective, with a deep well of experience and no one he's willing to share it with. Still, sometimes, if you're very observant, you might see him performing good deeds throughout the mountain biome. This mystery draws many esk toward him, whether they're from the biome or not, to try to learn more. But they are not his concern. From the long list of esk he's transformed in times of need, over time he grows to trust some of them enough to actually entrust some of his thoughts to them. Some are dedicated: hardworking, good-hearted esk who Raaga singles out because they might make better mentors than he, regardless of their personal relationships with him. Some just fit with Raaga: esk he calls friends, who understand his desire to be left alone and are thus entrusted with tidbits of knowledge about his schedule, so that they may keep other esk away.

Will you stand tall with Raaga?


Leaf (left) Current Story: Precepts of Egress Leaf (right)

All of the following Story MYOs are esk that were created by the Mountain Biome Wanderer, Raaga. Please retain this backstory as you use the character in the game to help the TWWM story grow!

You can use the prompts below for inspiration; these prompts do not earn any extra bonuses.

Story Prompts

Raaga is a distant supervisor: he likes to know what's going on in the mountain biome, but he prefers to minimize his own intervention. When he first transformed your esk, it happened quietly, and he left them to seek guidance on their own, knowing that esk cannot be harmed by nature or by other esk. They may not even know who transformed them, and their experience with Raaga was probably limited to hearsay until their current relationship developed.

  • What made Raaga want to transform your esk in the first place? How have they adjusted on their own - did they find some other mentor in the mountain biome, or do they prefer to learn on their own? How did they first hear about Raaga? How did their relationship with Raaga develop? Did they seek him out, or find him by coincidence of interests? How does Raaga's reality match with the stories they must have heard about him? What about your esk's actions caused Raaga to give them a second chance, so to speak, and allowed their relationship to develop? What do they think of Raaga and his philosophy - is he a friend, a mentor, or just a presence within the biome? How might Raaga's attitude toward your esk have changed over time?

Your esk have each toiled to attune themselves to alpine elements, and as a result they are among the most experienced residents of the biome. Raaga, having noticed their hard work and their dependable qualities, has asked them to take on a new role. He has no personal interest in providing mentorship to new esk, but he understands that sometimes it's nice to have someone to depend on. Whether your esk actually agrees with Raaga's philosophies or not, he at least trusts your esk to provide an example for newer esk in their area.

  • Why did your esk decide to seek elemental power? How did they approach it? Who has helped them? What kind of trials arose as they progressed, and how did your esk overcome them? How does their elemental power aid them as an esk? What sort of lessons could they provide for new esk? What's their teaching style - do they develop lectures, talk other esk through their problems, or perhaps just lead by example? How have they helped new esk in the past? Do they want to mentor new esk at all? What do they think of Raaga's request? Do they feel honored, perhaps, that Raaga trusts them, or offended that Raaga hasn't noticed their existing work? What kind of esk do they prefer to help?

Mentoring new esk is quite time-consuming, and the new change in schedule puts a big burden on the rest of your esk's life. Their own work, their social life, their free time - all of these things are important to keep in balance. Furthermore, the unusually high demand for this role in the alpine biome means that your esk might not be free to wander as they might have been in the past. On the other hand, though, interacting with new esk on this level introduces them to many different ways of thinking, for better or for worse.

  • How will your esk's life change as they gain experience as a mentor? What might they learn to do better, and what parts of their schedule might they have to shift around? How do they find room for their personal interests? How do their extensive commitments within their biome affect the relationships they may have developed elsewhere? What are some things your esk may have learned from their students? What do they agree with? How have these developments made their way into your esk's life? How do their experiences color the way they work with esk they have themselves transformed?

Design requirements for Raaga's Precepts of Egress Story MYO’s

  • All of these esk are normal.

  • Each esk should have a striking silhouette, either in their general body shape or with the help of their nature feature.

  • All of these esk have either the albino or solid color trait. Flecks and iridescence are allowed if listed on the ID. The glowing marking trait should be depicted as a full body glow.

  • These IDs all have mountain-themed elementals.

  • These esk all have one nature feature.

  • These esk all have boundaries in various mountain biome settings.

  • Starter morphs are not available for these IDs

Required Biome:

Mountain Biome

AP Requirement: 1200 APsmall AP icon

Leaf (left) Raaga's Precepts of Egress Leaf (right)

coming soon!

Vetru Vaalbaracreeps (2)

New * Rules for Greenhouse Claims New *

Good luck!

Please read these rules carefully in order to ensure your claim is valid.

New *Remember that all trackers must now follow our tracking guidelines from last August for claiming to be considered valid! New *

  • You must have 1200 AP in order to claim an esk from Raaga's Scrupulous Sentinels: Precepts of Egress Greenhouse. In addition, you must not have claimed an esk from the previous four Greenhouse releases. You can check the Greenhouse Archive here in order to see whether you might qualify.

  • New * Claims will now be taking place via google docs. After the 30-minute preview window, staff will post a new top-level comment containing a link to a google sign-up sheet. You will need to enter your deviantArt username, your player profile, and the letter of the ID you are trying to claim.

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  • You will then be ready to start designing your new esk. Make sure you reply to the staff's confirmation when you have finished your design so staff can approve it and add it to the Esk-Masterlist. MYOs are in high demand - please claim only if you are ready to start with them in the group.

  • New * Comments do not count and will be skipped over. You must fill out and submit the google form staff will post when claims open. No editing your claims. If you need to revise your claim you need to fill out a new google form with the correct information. You may only select 1 ID per entry. Remember, you can enter three times within the first hour! This means you will be able to fill out the form three times in a row and select different ID letters each time.

  • New * If your first choice gets claimed ahead of you then you must fill out a new google form in order to claim your second choice.

  • You cannot swap claims. Greenhouse esk that have not yet been designed and approved cannot be transferred to other players or traded back to the Greenhouse in exchange for a new one, so choose carefully.

  • If you decide that you do not want the MYO ID staff granted you, please allow it to expire so we can make it available to a new player in the next Greenhouse for that story. You are allowed to spend the one month expiration window to deliberate just in case you change your mind later.

  • If you make a claim and let it expire it will still count toward your cooldown!

  • You can only claim Greenhouse/Story MYOs for yourself. You are not allowed to place claims for other players.

  • Once your claim is confirmed you have one month to design the MYO. If you fail to meet the deadline your claim will expire. Please touch base with us if you believe you will be unable to meet the deadline, we are here to help!

  • You cannot change the MYO's ID information without an abnormal transformations.

  • Origin, Nature, Size, and Boundary are all permanent. Story MYOs have predetermined Biomes that cannot be changed.

Story MYO Design Guide

Please refer to the Story MYO design guide for important tips and info.

MYOs are reviewed based on the species guide as well as on whether they are compatible with the TWWM world. Designs that overly resemble normal-looking animal species or other original species, or designs that do not seem genre-appropriate, may require alterations. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and we are happy to work closely with designers to come up with an idea that both parties are pleased with. Please send the team a group note if you have questions.

Reminder: You are welcome to reply to us here or send us group notes with mock-ups, WIPs, and questions about the design process. We're here to help! Remember if you are commissioning another artist to create your design to provide WIPs before they complete the final image in case changes need to be made.

You cannot begin the game with your new MYO until it has been approved and added to the Masterlist!

Seventh Banner Vlpn
It is spring, so there really shouldn't be ice on the ground. It seems the world has not gotten the memo: it is frigid and blue, still. A little shape finds its footing, and - crack! - the ice splits, plunging someone to their doom. Something tall and thin glides by, and the ice reforms itself over a new grave...

The next greenhouse list will feature esk that were transformed by the fresh water biome wanderer, Seventh.

Will you caught by Seventh's caprice?


Required biome:

Fresh Waters Biome

AP Requirement: 1200 AP small AP icon

Seventh Banner Witty

The banners for Raaga's Precepts of Egress were created by the wonderful @jeidoll and @vaalbaracreeps ! Thank you!

The banners for Seventh's Preview were created by the awesome @vlpn and @witherlings! Thank you!

Upcoming Greenhouse Banner was created by the incredible @SandScales ! Thank you so much!

Check your cooldown status here!

Looking for other ways to obtain an esk created by the Wanderer?

Check out the new Wanderer Prompts feature which can grant you the ability to use Wanderers as the creators in your Transformations!

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f2u sprout icon Follow this link to claim your story MYO! f2u sprout icon

Sprout View your entry here! Sprout 2

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Do not reply to this comment! Comments will be skipped.

Claims will only be valid for the release of Ikkit's Odds and Ends Greenhouse on July 24, 2021. Each Greenhouse release will have a new top-level comment.

In the first hour after this comment, you may make up to three separate attempts, by filling out separate forms, to claim an ID. Making more than three attempts will disqualify you from receiving a claim in the first hour. We will be featuring claims currently under review for the purpose of clarity but that does not mean they are approved!

We will tag winners of approved claims as a reply to this thread - please use that reply as your design review thread.

glitterghostie's avatar

all IDs have been claimed, thank you!

glitterghostie's avatar

Congratulations @Maleficial ! You've won P!

Here is a permanent link to the list so you can always see your ID!

Please use this comment as your design review thread. When you submit your design for review, please submit it from a stash file, rather than uploading it to your gallery. Thanks!

Maleficial's avatar

So glad I got this ID!

This is a rough sketch I made of my current idea.

I was wondering if there are things that should change, and if the unique markings are okay on the limbs like this. The socks are a shade darker than the rest of the body but not very visible from the side, so I was also wondering if it's okay like this.

glitterghostie's avatar

this is fine! the unique markings are allowed to be on the gold, and everything else looks great!

glitterghostie's avatar

Congratulations @Myrways ! You've won N!

Here is a permanent link to the list so you can always see your ID!

Please use this comment as your design review thread. When you submit your design for review, please submit it from a stash file, rather than uploading it to your gallery. Thanks!

Myrways's avatar

Hiya! Here to submit a sketch for a short review! I also got a few questions for my first abnormal kid! If needed I do have a few alternative sketches I can share to be checked if this one isn't right.

1: Is this type of body shape allowed without an Polar morph?

2: Is there a limit on how many animal wings or bones I can add to their design?

3: Are feathers allowed on false ears if they're a mutation?

glitterghostie's avatar

hi there! i’m very glad to be the one to help you with your first abnormal design!

  1. yes, but it requires a ‘long-bodied’ mutation, which unfortunately this esk doesn’t have (but can be purchased later in the EE). for now, they will have to have a shorter length body

  2. no limits to bone pieces, but you might be asked to change something up if we feel the design is too overwhelmed by them. multiple wings also required an additional mutation (‘multiples’). so you will have to choose one set of wings.

  3. yes, they are!

Myrways's avatar
glitterghostie's avatar

oh that’s super neat! the tail will need to be blended a bit more cuz it’s a bit too far in tail tip marking territory rn

Myrways's avatar

Final design:

myrways ref

Ty so much for letting me commission you! You really did an amazing job with her!

glitterghostie's avatar

🥺 thank you, i'm so glad you like it. i'll go ahead and add her to the queue <3

glitterghostie's avatar

Congratulations @Quillology ! You've won L!

Here is a permanent link to the list so you can always see your ID!

Please use this comment as your design review thread. When you submit your design for review, please submit it from a stash file, rather than uploading it to your gallery. Thanks!

erasvita's avatar

Hey @Quillology ! Just a reminder that you have ~48 hours to submit a sketch or concept for this ID in order to hang onto your claim! It can be anything at all, just to let us know you're still working on it salmon heart bullet

Quillology's avatar

hello, sorry that I haven't responded with anything- got super busy out of nowhere! i have this little rough doodle that i've managed to come up with, hope this is alright!

Esk Design 0

also had a question about the 'pressed nature features,' does this mean that the nature features should be pressed on or against the esk, or is it supposed to be/can it be interpreted in some other way?

erasvita's avatar

no worries at all!! things happen haha <: they're looking great so far!! I love the piebald a lot, it goes so so well with that grey and peach ;o

It can be interpreted in any way you'd like! whether they're just dried, or actually pressed against the esk, etc, sounds fine <": if you have another idea feel free to run it by me!

glitterghostie's avatar

Congratulations @themerry1 ! You've won J!

Here is a permanent link to the list so you can always see your ID!

Please use this comment as your design review thread. When you submit your design for review, please submit it from a stash file, rather than uploading it to your gallery. Thanks!

themerry1's avatar

Are these markings looking acceptable?

glitterghostie's avatar

such a cutie! i do have a couple notes tho:

- the tail will need visible fur in some way, as esk cannot have fully sleek tails

- the stripes on the tail and legs will need to be changed, as this ID doesn't have tail tip markings or socks as traits

themerry1's avatar
Untitled Artwork 4

Sorry it took me so long to send this in! I didn't want to rush anything with him but I think after sitting on this for a bit it is the body type I'd like to go with! I am still working on markings (Just want him to be perfect <3)

glitterghostie's avatar

Congratulations @Latei ! You've won G!

Here is a permanent link to the list so you can always see your ID!

Please use this comment as your design review thread. When you submit your design for review, please submit it from a stash file, rather than uploading it to your gallery. Thanks!

Latei's avatar

@glitterghostie Just a check-in to make sure this design is ok before it's taken any further. The tail is partially crumpled/partially uncrumpled candy wrapper btw.

Please ping the-monster-shop if there's any edits that need to be made.

glitterghostie's avatar

yes, this all looks alright so far!

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