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"My dreams are always so boring. Let's take a look into yours, instead."

- Akatsuki Yume.

Yume Akatsuki (丹月 夢 Akatsuki Yume), also known as Dreamcatcher (ドリームキャッチャー Dorīmukyatchā)

- Biographical Information

Japanese Name: 丹月 夢

Rōmaji Name: Akatsuki Yume

Alias: Dreamcatcher (ドリームキャッチャー Dorīmukyatchā)

Voice Actor: Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese; e.g. Hisoka from HxH).

- Personal Description

Birthday: 7th of December

Astro Sign: Sagittarius

Age: 17-21

Gender: unknown; suspected to be male

Height: 157cm (5'2"ft)

Skin Color: #FFD6C5 [Cinderella]

Hair Color: #C5D6FF [Hawkes Blue]

Eye Color: #D6C5FF [Fog]

Blood Type: unknown

Quirk: Dreamline

- Status

Status: Alive

Birthplace: unknown

Family: parents deceased; Hanaka (花香) former caretaker.

Occupation: Villain

Affiliation: League of Villains


Yume is a slender, toned man with feminine features. He has light blue hair and foggy, purple eyes. His skin is fair and pale, often leading him to be mistaken for a foreigner.

In his villain outfit, he wears gypsy like clothing with bondage straps around his chest. He also wears bondage cuffs around his wrists and ankles along with a bondage collar around his neck. His outfit is provocative and feminine.


Yume has a sadistic god complex. They are blunt, rude, and love to take risks, worrying about the rest later. They can hold a grudge for a long time, firmly believing in revenge. They are also extremely sexual, having various kinks that they will and do act upon when fighting heroes.


Overall Abilities: Yume is very flexible and agile with expert skills in gymnastics and acrobatics. He uses these skills when fighting heroes.


Dreamline (ドリームライン Dorīmurain): Using strings that are connected to their hand via their fingers, Yume can attach them to their victim's minds, placing the victim in a dream like state. While in this state, their victims are unable to move, allowing for easy capture.

However, Yume can only attach and control up to 5 people. Each dream state lasts for 1 minute. Any longer and Yume risks becoming drowsy or even passing out.


- Yume can only attach five strings at once. Each dream line attached puts the victim under for 1 minute.

- The longer Yume uses his quirk, the drowsier he becomes.

- Yume must be within five feet of someone in order to attach a dreamline.


- Yume's first name means "dream 夢 yume", while their last name means "red 丹 aka moon 月 tsuki" .

- It is believed that Yume is a 男の娘 (Otokonoko), a man who has adopted a culturally feminine gender expression. *Also pronounced as otoko no musume.

- Yume grew up without parents. Instead, they were cared for by the homeless people of the city while living on the street.

- At the age of 4, Yume was adopted by a prostitute, Hanaka (花香). Yume was then 'crafted' to be a yuujo (遊女) or "play woman".

- When Yume reached 16, they left the care of Hanaka to pursue life as a villain.

- This is practically their theme song: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBX7T2….

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They're quirk is so interesting!

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I watched the video that was linked. I can just picture Yume plucking the thread on each finger to make the music. The image won't leave my brain and it's great.

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Omg I can picture that XD That's perfect!

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That looks really good!

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Our ocs have similar backstories! That's pretty awesome!!!
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Why is this cute yet oddly enough terrifying!?!

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That's exactly what Yume is XD cute but terrifying

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It’s amazing!!! X3

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(yume, pls marry me ;w;)

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Yume: "Darling, you couldn't handle me ;3 but thanks for the offer~!"

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Me: I can try tho you handsome being

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