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Yume Meets Dabi

While chilling in an alley way, Yume comes across a man recruiting for the League of Villains. Yume is interested, but not in the group. 

Akatsuki Yume belongs to me. 
MHA belongs to Kōhei Horikoshi.

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wow wow WOW!

goodness gracious! this is so neat.

like oml how do you even-?

wandering-demon's avatar

;D <3 <3

Thank you! <3

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oooOOooo i am interested OwO

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When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

(Yume is so handsome like oml-)

SasukeXShunTwinLover's avatar

Hey Yume! What's your quirk, or do you not have one?

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Yume: "Hi, thanks for asking! My quirk is called Dreamline. I have lines that come from my fingers that attach to a person's mind via the back of the neck that allows me to place them in a dream-like state. This lasts for a minute and I can only attach to 5 people at a time. The more I use it, though, the more I risk passing out."

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I'm giggling hysterically and think I am going insane. Although there isn't very far to go there.

Yume is evil spiderman now. Except a better outfit. And I mean its way cooler.

Anyway, you have now brought us back to the plot line, and I love everything I see in this part.

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omg yume your unfriendly, neighborhood, spider-thief XDD

and aw I'm glad you like their outfit!

ECCpizzacats's avatar

Real quick, when talking about Yume, do I say he, she, or they? I have tried to avoid pronouns as much as possible. Then I remembered I could literally ask you.

wandering-demon's avatar

XD well their gender is unknown, here I'll let them answer that question.

Yume: "Darling, you can call me he, she, they, them, or it. I'll be whatever you want me to be~."

... Yume, that didn't' even answer the question -_-

ECCpizzacats's avatar

They is my go to for the unknown so I think I will go with that.

XxRedXxHarmomy's avatar

Ooooooh do I see possible none aggressive tension between these two?

This is a lovely peive and I absolutely love Yum, his design is just amazing!

wandering-demon's avatar

Possibly o3o

And thank you <3

XxRedXxHarmomy's avatar
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