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Villain Kaito

While browsing Pinterest, I came across this… and the pose just screamed villain Kaito.

Of course, drawing him in the doodle made me want to draw him now, so using this pose for reference, I give you: Villain Kaito. 

Okami Kaito belongs to me. 
Base/Pose reference is not mine and was sourced from….
I tried to use Tiny Image to reverse search for the original artist, but it brought up 0 results. The image was found on Pinterest and there are no credit links there. This pose/original base is not mine. Only Kaito is mine. 
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Moka*Growls at villain Kaito* "You just had to turn to the dark side." This is actually cool. Careful though Moka can whoop ass if he's not careful.:giggle:

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Grrrrrrrr bad boi ;3

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Ohhhh, nice look you got there, Kaito!!

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Very very nice!! I especially love the pose and the smirk!

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Ooooh!! Imagine a mirror quirk or something that showed someone their opposite self!? Kaito fights villain Kaito.

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Ooooh I like that!

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