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The Untamed Hero: Okami Kaito *Updated*

*With Kaito having a new Hero costume, I decided to give him an updated, official MHA OC reference sheet*


"It's not the fancy weapons that fights the fight, but rather, the hero's heart."

- Ōkami Kaito during his Provisional Hero Licensing Exam.

Kaito Okami (狼 海絃 Ōkami Kaito), also known as the Untamed Hero: Ōkami (野蛮 ヒーロー: 狼 Yaban Hīrō: Ōkami), is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero.

- Biographical Information

Japanese Name: 狼 海絃 Rōmaji Name: Ōkami Kaito Alias: Untamed Hero: Ōkami (野蛮 ヒーロー: 狼 Yaban Hīrō: Ōkami)

Voice Actor: Yuma Uchida (Japanese) ; Robbie Daymond (English)

- Personal Description

Birthday: May 2nd

Astro Sign: Taurus

Age: 16 (First Appearance); 17 (Present)

Gender: Male

Height: 172cm (5'8")

Fur Color: Rope # 8e563d (light brown)

Hair Color: Caput Mortuum #592817 (brown)

Eye Color: Gamboge # dc9c17 (amber/gold)

Blood Type: A

Quirk: Anima [Wolf]

- Status

Status: Alive

Birthplace: Sukugawa, Fukushima

Family: Alyssa Jones-Ōkami [Mother]; Daichi Ōkami [Father]

Occupation: Student

Affiliation: U.A. High School

Fighting Style: Melee combat


Kaito is a muscular young man of average height and a rather toned physique for his young age. He has golden amber eyes that are surrounded by dark grey, like that of a wolf. Most of his physical features resembles a wolf, from his ears and tails, to the light brown fur that covers his body.

In his hero costume, he wears simple green cargo pants that stop just at his knees. When asked why the lack of clothing, Kaito stated "it's easier for me to move in".


Kaito is a very sociable, energetic teen who doesn't stay quiet about his opinions. He will talk to just about anyone so long as they're nice and is eager to make friends with everyone around him. However, when pushed, Kaito can become very aggressive and defensive, like that of a wolf. In fact, his quirk is so prominent, that his personality and behavior takes on more of a wolf-like style than human. He can become very territorial over friends and family, which often makes him seem unapproachable.

Kaito is very honest and kind-hearted, not hesitating to jump forward to rescue anyone in need of saving. He will even put his own life on the line if it means helping out another. Because of this, he is seen as brave and courageous. Because of his quirk, though, Kaito often worries about 'loosing control', scared he will hurt someone he doesn't mean to.


Overall Abilities: Kaito has a close range combat style, choosing to rush right into the enemy's face to deal the most damage. Thanks to his Quirk, Kaito's fighting style is straightforward and reckless.


Wolf (狼 Ōkami): Kaito's Quirk gives him all of the attributes and abilities of a wolf while also giving him the physical features such as ears, a tail, and wolf paws instead of feet.

Naturally, this gives him claws on his hands as weapons and sharp canine teeth with a biting capacity of 1,500 pounds of pressure per square inch. His teeth are perfect for puncturing and slashing, and his premolars and rear molars are capable of breaking bones. (However, Kaito does not like to use this unless absolutely necessary.)

Other Abilities

- Compass Sense

- Enhanced Durability - Enhanced Endurance/Stamina

- Enhanced Senses [Sight/Smell/Hearing]

Compass Sense

This gives Kaito the ability to sense directions like a compass, knowing where a specific direction it.

Enhanced Durability

His physical durability is extremely high, allowing him to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects. He can withstand beatings and survive falling from certain heights.

Enhanced Endurance/Stamina

Because of his wolf-like nature, Kaito can endure physical stress beyond the capabilities of humans, enabling him to do things such as operating on a "low power setting" (being able to operate efficiently for extended amounts of time). His enhanced stamina gives him the power to function for longer periods of time without tiring or straining himself.

Enhanced Senses [Sight/Smell/Hearing]

Kaito has extremely accurate sense like that of a wolf. He has keen eye sight and is quirk to detect the slightest movement of anything in front of him. If needed, Kaito can smell scents up to 1.75 miles away, tracking it with precision accuracy. Next to smell, Kaito's sense of hearing allows him to hear sounds as far as 6-10 miles away and can hear frequencies up to 25khz.


- Feral ( 野生 Yasei ): While angered or enraged, Kaito can go into an adrenaline overdrive where his feral instincts take over, causing him to go into a 'feral' like state to lash out and attack his opponents.


Power - 4/5 B Speed - 3/5 C Technique - 3/5 C Intelligence - 3/5 C Cooperativeness - 5/5 A


- Because his only weapons are his claws/teeth, he isn't useful for mid-long range combat.

- His enhanced hearing renders him vulnerable to high pitch sounds, making him easier to stun or knock unconcious.

- Kaito relies on his sense of smell; perfumes and other chemicals can disorient him, even making him nauseous if highly concentrated.

- In 'Feral' mode, Kaito is subject to losing control, inevitably causing him to possibly turn on his team mates. Because of this, Kaito refuses to use Feral unless it's a last defense.


- In Kaito's name, the kanji 海 kai means 'the sea', a reference to the species of wolf he is, Coastal Grey Wolf.

- His favorite food is salmon.

- His favorite thing is swimming.

- His role is to be the mutual friend to all of Class 1-A, bringing them closer as a team.

- His quirk manifested at birth, meaning Kaito always had fur on his body, a tail, ears, and paws. Because of this, his younger years were miserably spent as other kids didn't want to play with 'an animal'. In Middle School, he failed to make friends again because they didn't think an 'animal' should be in school.

- Within the first few days being in UA, Kaito took to Ojiro Mashirao. At first, he loved that they shared a tail, but as he got to know the other teen, they quickly became best friend.

- Later, Kaito became friends with Ashido Mina and Mezo Shoji.

- He despises Bakugou Katsuki, confirming him as a rival/enemy. He is determined to prove him wrong and become a great hero.

Kaito belongs to me the-coastalwolf .
Kaito's hero costume was designed by Horoki (RATP1SS ).

Reference for the hero pose:…

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this is an amazing oc with great artwork! But the eyes look almost identical to mina’s

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Nice art, but it’s very noticeable that at least one of these poses looks exactly like a Todoroki outfit vector. If you used it as a base, it’d be best to give credit.

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Thank you for catching my mistake! I'm usually so careful with crediting references, sources, etc. I updated the description to include the reference! Thank you again!

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Love the new outfit. Very Jon Talbain-esque ewe

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