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The Arcane Vigilante: Junto Garcia

*drum roll* Presenting my newest OC, the amazing and one-of-a-kind, Junto Garcia!!!!! *bows* Thank you, thank you. Let's get on with his info!

"Despite my appearance, I want to be a symbol of hope for those who can't help themselves." - Junto Garcia to Kaito Ōkami.

Junto Garcia (ガルシア 純人 Garushia Junto), also known as the Arcane Vigilante: Magi (難解な自警行為:マギ Nankaina jikei kōi: Magi), is a second year student of Support Class 2-H at U.A. High School. 

Biological Information
Name: Junto Garcia
Japanese Name: ガルシア 純人
Rōmaji Name: Garushia Junto
Alias: Arcane Vigilante: Magi (難解な自警行為:マギ Nankaina jikei kōi: Magi)

Voice Actor(s)
Akio Suyama [Japanese; voice of Hige in Wolf's Rain]
Rafael Pacheco [Spanish; dub voice of Kevin Levin in Ben 10: Alien Force]
Gregory Cipes [English; voice of Kevin Levin in Ben 10: Alien Force]

Personal Description
Birth: 8 July
Astro Sign: Cancer
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Height: 182cm (6'0"ft)

Skin Color: #C2DFFF [Pattens Blue]
Hair Color: #423E60 [Minsk]
Eye Color: #00E0FF [Aqua; sclera and pupil]; #000C1DC [Dark Turquoise; outer ring]; #87F0FF [Electric Blue; inner ring]

Blood Type: O

Quirk: Arcane Manipulation
Quirk Color: #00E0FF [Aqua]; #FFFFFF [White]

▶ Status
Status: Alive
Birthplace: Santa Martha, Veracruz, Mexico
Family: Santiago Garcia [Father]; Chinatsu Satō-Garcia [Mother]; Satoshi Satō [Grandfather]; Kazue Satō [Grandmother]

Occupation: Student, Support Class 2-H; Vigilante
Affiliation: U.A. High School
Fighting Style: melee combat; long range combat

Junto has a humanoid appearance that isn't human. He has light blue skin with striking blue eyes. His eyes have a sclera, two limbal rings, and a pupil. Along with his odd skin color, Junto has four arms. The second pair of arms are attached via a second set of shoulder blades just below his first set. On each arm, Junto has three fingers and one thumb. 

Aside from his unique appearance, Junto has a lean and toned build, his height a result of having a longer torso to accommodate with his extra arms.

His vigilante suit is comprised of a black athletic fit suit with built in boots and a full mask that covers his head. The rest is arcane armor - the chest plate and shin guards are comprised as force-fields, the rest is projection of his own energy. The arcane on his mask are actually useful - the marks where his eyes are help him see and the mark at his ear enhances sound so he can hear better. The marks above his inhibitors (the wrist cuffs) aid in channeling his weapon creations such as the staff he is holding.

On his wrists as inhibitor cuffs Junto designed himself. They limit the output of arcane energy, helping him have better control of it when using it. Without them, his arcane energy is unstable and unpredictable. 

Junto is the definition of his astro sign, Cancer. He is loyal, protective, intuitive, and caring. He fights for what he believes is right and protects those who can't protect themselves. He is an introvert and tends to stick to himself, mostly due to his appearance and not wanting to be a disturbance to others. 

On the bad side, he is overly sensitive, moody, and vindictive

✦ Hobbies: gadgets/tech, computers, programming, literature, and photography.
✦ Likes: honey, sweets, tech, music, and video games.
✦ Dislikes: t-shirts/long sleeve shirts, and the majority of pro-heroes. 

Junto is half Hispanic (father) and half Japanese (mother), born in Santa Martha, at the base of the Sierra de Santa Martha mountain in Veracruz, Mexico. Junto grew up an outcast with others fearful of him because of his appearance and abilities. Eager to prove others wrong and become a hero, Junto moved to Japan to live with his grandparents. After studying hard and training, he made it into the U.A. Hero course. However, after interning during his first year in hero class, he found that the morals of pro heroes weren't what he expected. Learning that a lot of pro heroes where in it for money and fame, Junto left the hero course and transferred to the support class come the beginning of his second year.

Still wanting to protect and help others, Junto became a vigilante, dubbing himself The [Unofficial] Arcane Hero: Magi.

▶ Quirk: Arcane Manipulation
Made of arcane energy, Junto can control and harness this energy to use in various ways, mainly in the form of what he calls 'arcane magic'. The arcane energy within him is unstable and unpredictable, being a very hard quirk to control. It is also draining with prolong use, therefor Junto has to limit his output and duration in order not to cause damage to his own body.

By default, Junto has enhanced strength, durability, and agility.

Arcane Magic Types
Junto can create ethereal beings out of his own arcane energy. These beings, usually in the form of animals/beasts, only last for 15 seconds, dealing physical damage to their targets. Junto can only create and control one at a time. For example, he can not create and use two at once.

Along with this, Junto can project ethereal weapons - such as swords, daggers, or even a bo staff - and armor. Projections take minimal energy and last longer than any other form of arcane energy Junto uses. 

Junto can unleash unstable bursts of arcane energy, dealing damage to his opponents. Unfortunately, because they are unstable, this causes damage to his own body the longer he uses it.

Junto can manipulate his arcane energy into the form of a shield. These shields can be projected out 3 feet in each direction, lasting for only 30 seconds. After he has created a force-field, he can not create another for five minutes as these shields take a lot of energy.

Junto can manipulate his arcane energy to create illusions, or glamour. He can only alter the outside appearance visually, meaning the object or person he applies 'glamour' to will not change physically. He can also use this ability to make himself or others appear invisible, concealing them in his energy (this works by using his arcane energy to reflect light). This ability, however, only lasts for 1 minute.

Junto can control his arcane energy to given him the act of 'flying'. However, he is not actually flying, he is simply controlling his own energy to 'levitate' and move around. This ability is extremely draining and is only used in emergency situations.

Due to the nature of his quirk, Junto uses his super moves as last minute resorts. Overuse of these moves drains his energy and can result in Junto losing consciousness. 

Arcane Missile [難解なミサイル Nankaina misairu] - By channeling a large amount of arcane energy into his palms, Junto can unleash a controlled surge called an arcane missile.

Arcane Barrage [難解なボルト弾幕 Nankaina boruto danmaku] - Similar to an arcane blast, this super move uses multiple small arcane 'bullets' to bombard the enemy. It is not as draining as the Arcane Blast, but still uses a good amount of energy. Junto can only release an arcane barrage for a duration of ten seconds. 

Arcane Blast [難解な爆風 Nankaina bakufū] - In a last attempt move, Junto can unleash an arcane blast from his body. This blast comes from a built up surge in his chest that expands outward, dealing damage to nearby opponents within 50 feet. Junto will only use this move in a life or death situation, as it is deadly to others and himself. 

- Because his essence is arcane energy, Junto has to be cautious when using his quirk. Overuse results in drowsiness, fatigue, extreme exhaustion, unconsciousness, and - in worse case scenario - death. 

- Junto's first name is both spanish and japanese. In spanish, it means 'together'. In Japanese, it means 純 'pure' and 人'human'.
- Junto is half spanish and half japanese.
- He is obsessed with honey and honey infused snacks/sweets.

My goodness. That's a lot of info. I love this OC, though. He is going to be my second main OC. 
His design/quirk is heavily based off of WoW (I've been playing it again lately). His quirk is based off the Arcane Class Mage; his appearance is a combination of the Draenei race and the Tarron Household from 3Below: Tales of Arcadia. 

References used:…………
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I had no notifications of this and panicked thinking I had unwatched by accident. That costume of his is awesome though.

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:O Glad you['re still watching haha

and thank you!

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Rafael Pacheco wasn't the voice of Kevin in Alien Force (at least not in English) Greg Cipes was.

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I do see my mistake (marking English, instead of Spanish). Thank you for correcting me there!

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He looks awesome you did amazing :D

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Thank you so much! <3

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Omg he’s adorable!!!!

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His design looks so cool and his quirk sounds awesome <3 Awesome job <3

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