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MHA Villain OC: Yume Akatsuki

So after drawing villain-style Kaito, I wanted to actually create a villain OC for MHA. Behold! 

Name: Yume Akatsuki [丹月 夢 Akatsuki Yume]

Villain Name: Dreamcatcher
Affiliation: LoV (League of Villains)

Birth: 7th of December
Astro Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 157cm (5'2"ft)

Quirk: Dreamline
Using strings that are connected to their hand via their fingers, Yume can attach them to their victim's minds, placing the victim in a dream like state. While in this state, their victims are unable to move, allowing for easy capture. However, Yume can only attach and control up to 5 people. Each dream state lasts for 1 minute. Any longer and Yume risks becoming drowsy or even passing out.

[Information known by the Hero Agencies:]

Name: Yume; unknown surname.
Gender: Unknown; suspect their gender is male. 
Age: Unknown; suspect their age is between 17-20
Origin: Unknown. First contact with Dreamcatcher occurred during a city attack from the LoV. Seen with Dabi and Twice fleeing the scene. Position within LoV is unknown. 

[Other Information]

Likes: acrobatics, gymnastics, bondage/BDSM, dreamcatchers, and mochi.
Dislikes: manual labor, rules, All Might. 

Personality: Yume has a sadistic god complex. They are blunt, rude, and love to take risks, worrying about the rest later. They can hold a grudge for a long time, firmly believing in revenge. They are also extremely sexual, having various kinks that they will and do act upon when fighting heroes. 

Voice Actor: Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese; e.g. Hisoka from HxH).

- Yume's first name means "dream 夢 yume", while their last name means "red 丹 aka moon 月 tsuki" .
- It is believed that Yume is a 男の娘 (Otokonoko), a man who has adopted a culturally feminine gender expression. *Also pronounced as otoko no musume.
- Yume grew up without parents. Instead, they were cared for by the homeless people of the city while living on the street.
- At the age of 4, Yume was adopted by a prostitute, Hanaka (花香). Yume was then 'crafted' to be a yuujo (遊女) or "play woman"
- When Yume reached 16, they left the care of Hanaka to pursue life as a villain. 
- This is practically their theme song:….

Ok, to answer your questions: 
- Yes, Dreamcatcher is a villain for the upcoming fancomic I'm making.
- No, he isn't the Main Villain that Kaito has to fight, but he is one of the villains Kaito will face. 
- Dreamcatcher comes in right after the Provisional Hero Exam in the MHA timeline. 

MHA belongs to Kōhei Horikoshi.
Yume Akatsuki belongs to me. 

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Cool villain :3

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He’s cool and cute at the same time. Love his quirk and outfits design too. 😊😆
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Your very welcome 🙏🏻
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He is cool, But I feel like he when he meets Moka that he is going to freak out because every villain is a fan of Night Terrors including the fights with All Might and destroying him. As when you read in the Bio she is the most hated Villain and a hero to villains so..Moka has it rough on both sides. I wounder what is he going to say when he meets her when Dabi drops in for a visit. Moka *Stares at Dabi then at the person Standing next to him and Twice.* Who is this?

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Yume: "Why, are you asking, sugar? ;) "

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:0 This guy, this guy right here.

Fear them

They're so cool btw! I like their quirk a lot! Never something I could make up lmaoo

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XD Yume enjoys that you fear them.

and thank you <3 <3

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They cute 😳👉👈

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Yume: ";D Thanks, sweetheart. <3 *blows kisses*"

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I love this!! It's amazing seeing the different quirks people come up with.

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<3 I spent so long trying to think of the perfect quirk XD like I was looking at dreamcatchers and was like...I want to make quirk based off these but what? XD

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OK, so I was bored and reread the description, and saw "no parents, raised by homeless." My brain then said "oh homeless buddies" about Silver. I about died.

This is EXACTLY why she wants to be a hero. To help people before they go to far down that path. My impatience started up again and now I want to see this villain in action.

Oh, and what hero agency would Kaito intern at? This question has been bouncing around in my head for awhile.

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Kaito hasn't given much thought to what agency he wants to intern for. Probably Fat Gum's Agency?

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