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I hate art blocks. 

Anyone got ideas for me to draw ;3; pls halp

okami Kaito belongs to me. 
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so cool!

and yeh, art block is horrible

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He looks great with Kirishima's gear :3

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I get art block literally all the time. It often appears with hair, fur, stuff like that. Do you have a storyline going yet? Like a rough outline? You could draw the parts of that. (I think that's what you have been doing this whole time but just wanted to put it out there.) Or, a sneak peek at this villain mentioned in a previous work? A certain cat overheard this and wants to know more. I love seeing villain designs!! Are there any other ocs you have that we could see? I have many ideas. Not all of them are good ideas, but they are ideas.

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I think these are good ideas :) I definitely got some OCs I've been doodling and contemplating making official lol and the villain I'm trying to keep secret ;3 better suspense XD

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Well you sure have me excited to see all of this

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Noice!!! Is dat villain Kaito?? *Le gasp* It is!!

X3 Kaito is pretty.

Oof!! Art block sucks!!

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It is o3o

and it does ;3;

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