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After The Fight

Bakugo has rescued Kaito. Who knew the angry Pomeranian would ever save the wolf? Maybe there will be a blossoming frien - 
Bakugo: "HELL NO!"
Kaito: "Yeah, not happening." 

Oh... ok. 

**Artist Note:
I usually use reference and hardly ever draw freehand, but I actually like this one??

Background from the MHA anime. 
MHA/BNHA belongs to Kōhei Horikoshi 

Ōkami Kaito belongs to me.
Hokori Nousagi belongs to RATP1SS .
Brittanie Bennet belongs to Water-Hero-Aquatix
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Awesome job guys!! Maybe you will get along better! ^v^

You did great drawing free hand!!

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LMAO, maybe not a blooming friendship, but maybe a blooming respect maybe? Lol

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Hehehe this is sweet ^^

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Omg I love it XD He is so mad and its the best XD Sorry not sorry, Bakugo XD