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Boobs Tutorial




Also, naked boobs. 8D

Don't know why I did this. I was drawing comic book versions of my Lost Stars girls (hopefully that will come, because they are porntastic sex kittens, twisted and objectified enough to make any feminist weep) and decided people can't draw boobs worth fuck. Fucking WOMEN can't even draw boobs. And this isn't snarking on people who can't draw very well. Very talented female artists fail at drawing boobs. Holy shit. Has our oversexed objectifying culture been so pervasive that even our own women can't tell what a real tit is?


This is by no means a well-done tutorial. I drew all this on Photoshop, so the drawings are less-than-stellar. But damnit people, boobs sag. THEY DO. I SWEAR IT ON THE NAME OF CTHULHU. A-sized boobs generally sag less, but where are these magical DDDs that float around like its outer space? Because I would like some. Bras suck donkey butt.

Check it: Real boobs are a click away (NSFW, obviously).

All of this is inspired by the lovely blog Escher Girls. Nothing like the smell of sexism in the morning!

Sorry about the little mini-rant at the bottom of the tutorial. But people like that piss me off. Dude, you either love your fake porny sex kittens (hey, no shame in being honest at least) or you love real women. "Real women" is a huge spectrum, from hot to ugly to fat to skinny to whatever, but they are not this or this or this.

This PSA has been brought to you by Wanda of the Internet.
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How do you draw A cups when the "character" is facing front? Either nude, in bra, or in t-shirt?