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Nice to see some wonderful art in the midst of Deviantart 
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Amazing !
I used it for the background of one of my drawings, hope you don't mind
Hunter by Aydhindril
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mind if i set this as my desktop background
IIxTigerFrostxII's avatar
so satisfying to look at
Hi, can I use it in my game?
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That is a very good digital painting you did great job!!:) come check out my art too!!
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Looks like dark souls that face XD 
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remind me of Magic: The Gathering :o
I love this
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So great, I love the light coming through and all the beautiful shades of green. 
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Beautiful scene. What a vivid colors, and so many different shades of green. It truly seems to come alive - more than just some lines and dots drawn on a digital canvas. Almost like a picture, except that it has that near-magical feeling and perfection real pictures often lack.
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Great picture! I'd like to use it as a background image on a website, if I may of course. With proper crediting.
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Mother of glob... this is truly a work of art. Ive only been on deviant art for a short time, but if this is the bar. I wanna snort it.
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This work is dam beautiful!<3
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That's beautiful! :O
That is incredible
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this is why i love deviantart
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