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December 28, 2009
city by ~wanbao
Featured by gucken
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© 2007 - 2021 wanbao
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Is this Art for commercial use?  I'd really like to use it for a matte painting.  
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Silent line was truly a masterpiece and so is this.
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great art. but seems very impractical. 1 fighter jet from distance destroys them robots without effort
Aeckos's avatar
Go under his big giant feet xD
KevinLK92's avatar
those mechs are awesome! as well as the skyscrapers
Schreibsessel's avatar
this looks amazing
sulexk's avatar
Beautifully captivates what life would be like if sentient life forms were on this planet :)
CChrieon's avatar
Brilliant. Let me guess. Vancouver?
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Great job, Wanbao!


We want to invite you to participate in the 2nd edition of IllustraFuturs, an international initiative that wants to show by illustrations how cities, transports, people, technology and/or environment are going to be in 2100.


The 15 selected illustrations will be showed in a exhibition in CosmoCaixa (Museum of Science in Barcelona, Spain). Three of the illustrations will be awarded with a Wacom graphic tablet (Cintiq 13 HD). Send your proposal (594 mm width x 420 mm high) at 300 dpi) through this link…, before 31 July 2015.ç


I hope it will be interesting for you! :-)

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A completely normal city. Absolutely nothing that stands out.
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i think with this robot higth war teach will be relly necesary? then in that sociaty shoud less political problem and have alien oponent problems.
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I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords!
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King Kong has nothing on you.
T-002nolife's avatar
Its just.......professional
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super amazing! the robots are very cool! 
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ARMORED CORE PACIFIC RIM STYLE!!! :iconhandspazzplz:
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hi i'm making a trading card game and i was wondering if i could use this drawing for a card i will give credit where it is deserved and plus its a easy way to spread your art plus you can still use them for your project the card game is called Paragon Galaxy the concept is a galaxy built where all these worlds exist for the perfect galaxy . The galaxy will grow and grow until this perfection is formed
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Use punctuations man...
SephironX's avatar
oh and that a no i will respect your decision if it is and sorry for my bad mistake
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