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Thanks for your work mate, it is great!

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Looks incredible!
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I really like this picture :.")
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Great Idea! A Stargate on the Planet to rise between the the Planet and to start in the space.
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A furling gate?  :D
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Absolutely amazing, thank you!
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Amazing, I love the details in this pic, the design of the game looks really nice.
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The stargate is waiting......
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the reason I say we create the first two decks free is bascially because i don't have permission to create a game to sell but if we create something good that can be for pc and iphone and android then we might be able to be able to do it. basically i suggest we make a beta and present it to the company and maybe even get it on ps3.
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Hey I'm trying to learn to make video games using unity 3d and would love to create a star-gate card game that we could create and share for free using 2 starter decks, (SGC and Goauld) and release more decks later as a buy option, All money would be split 50/50. We could work out the business details later and get started on the 2 free decks now. If you could create graphics like the image above like soldiers, jafa, goauld and weapons they use then I could create the cards using gimp and add the rest of the stuff later. eventually. for the goauld i need, minor goauld, jaffa(full gear), system lord. for sgc i need Jaffa (camo), soldier, and another class that can be used like sniper. I also need turrets that look like sgc and goauld technology basically the goauld have a version of turrets but i forget what they are called they are basically round things that shoot lazers. I need zats, m16, granads all that stuff. We could make some money off this or just get some sg fans onboard for another project. Thanks.
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oh my holy sh... thats a wonderful starg8 ♥ it's a great event horizon (is this the english word for Ereignishorizont ? ^^) well and so much detail....the small people and the light and yeah everything on this is just great ^^ :squee:
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Which program did you use and what dimensions of the artwork (in inches, centimeters, or inches)? Because aside from having defined foreground, middle ground and background as well as cool and warm colors combined and accurate perspective, the small details here are very, very neatly made, so I assume this is a large one. By the way, sorry for sounding so pretentious with my art terms-I can't help it; the professors drilled it into my head.
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By the first view I thought that this is a very ancient Protoss gate on their homeplanet Aiur =) This green and yellow colors creates great atmosphere!
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Cheveron-7... Wait... This thing doesn't have any Cheverons! How the heck am I supposrd to dial a 3-dimentional gate address without any cheverons?!

This thing doesn't use three dimentional addresses; you use a nine-digit code.

You mean like the Destiny's gate address?


Ok, lets try this again... Entering gate code "P3X-957" ...We have a lock... *KAFWOOSH* ...Wormhole established.
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Fabuloso! Fantastico!
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Absolutely Amazing have you seen the show?
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