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We had happy time in the Comic Fair FF17 in Taipei, and now we'll start our next project, Priest of Doom!! :excited: It's a story about a father's struggle between saving his country or saving his son, Raphaello. The choice is hard.

Misty will write the story. Roo will do character design for Raphaello and may help with some illustrations for the novel. EelGod will also do character design, and he is adjusting one of the characters, Priest of War, Vagan (How he looks like can be viewed in the folder 'Resonance WIP' already, but currently EelGod is not satisfied with it). EelGod and I'll make trial-like animation for about 30sec to 1 min and Matthew can write film music after the animation is done.

The content of Priest of Doom is a lot richer than previous project, Gemini, so it will probably take Misty a year to write the story. In addition, last time is only doing an "animated book," therefore, in order to make animation, I also need to study some new techniques. So, this project may take yearly long. lol. I'll update news during the process.

We also have a new member, Ares (強爺). He is also an artist and his style is more realistic. He already drew "Dog" and "Vampire" for Misty's story Traveller of Music, and for next project he'll be in charge of the concept art of two temples - Temple of Wars and Temple of Judgment. Let's welcome him :clap:

Ares: :iconaresshu: new guy to DA too :la:
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Submitted on
February 23, 2011