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Waluigi number-one! Wa-ha!
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Current Residence: Mushroom Kingdom
Personal Quote: Everybody cheating but-a Waluigi!

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Nintendo! Hehehe...
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A tennis racket, a golf club, and cleats. Hehehe...
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I'm-a Waluigi! Number one! Wah-ha!

I'm-a Waluigi! Number one! Wah-ha!

Why has Waluigi never given credit where it's due before? Everybody cheat but me, that's-a why! Icon owned by ~teamrocketspy621 (https://www.deviantart.com/teamrocketspy621), chumps!

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Without Waluigi....

RIP Waluigi 
[EMOTE] - It's a Cold and It's a Broken Waluigi 

And Neither Bomberman....

Maybe Geno?

Or Crash Bandicoot?

Or Heavy from TF2?

Or Conker?

or Rayman?
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Waluigi Dab Emoticon 
nh63879Hobbyist Writer
I just want to say that I will be leaving DeviantArt soon. Mainly because I have had a lot of trouble on here and disputes over the works I posted here. I will be available on FurAffinity which is more welcoming and less restrictive as this site. As well as being on Inkbunny as well.

I would like to thank you being here for me when I needed someone and the lovely comments you leave.

You'll find my userpage for FA in my recent journal if you're ever on there and wish to contact me.

Well I'm outta here!Well that's it! I'm done! I'm leaving here! No point hanging around this dump anymore! The jig is up! Time gentlemen please! Bob-voyage! So long!
Yes that's right. It pains me to say this but I've finally had it with this deviant art. Many of you might have noticed the fact I've not been as active on here as I use to be. I'm sorry to say that I've had nothing but trouble in some ways on here and I'm not gonna kid myself here. Why am I leaving? Well for one reason, I've had many a good comment(s) over the years on here, yet sadly I have had many a hater(s) coming my way.
I've had some saying I'm weird and I need help, others posting links to things regarding Japanese monster shows and the like saying how my macros remind them of these. Then of course I have had a common problem on here, art theft! Despite my attempts to try and stop it, nothing has stopped it. And the piece De resistance is, my work being removed by the admin! But why? It's not as if I posted stuff of a sexual nature on

So I'm sure you guys have heard of what "Waluigi fans" did to Masahiro Sakurai over Waluigi not being playable.

Here's an article for reference: www.nintendolife.com/news/2018…