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[Hook] Who let the dogs out? (woof, woof, woof, woof) Who let the dogs out? (woof, woof, woof, woof) Who let the dogs out? (woof, woof,...

Wubbzy lives in a tree He likes to play, play, play He's got a bendy tail And he likes it that way Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Wubbzy! Wubbzy! Wo...

Happy thanksgiving Waluigi (ワルイージ Waruīji, [wa.ɾɯ.iː.dʑi̥]) (English: /wɑːluˈiːdʒi/) is a character in the Mario franchise. He plays th...

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Story of Kelly: chapter 2
Kelly was excited about her new status as some kind of magical girl, Mina went to bring her somewhere, but she pressed the button on the thing that transformed her (and also is a kind of brooch when transformed) and she untransformed, the mouse thing, which apparently is called a yousei, wanted to bring her somewhere, after a bit of time walking, they came across a strange place, since Kelly obviously is in japan since this is based on an anime, she couldn't read the japanese writing since she was unfamiliar with this way of writing, all she could read was latin, if you dont know, i mean the writing im typing this story out in, the sign said マジックショップ, and Kelly was completely unaware of what that meant, and had no clue as to what it could mean, Mina told Kelly about why they're here "Majosaki is unaware that Ochitane ran away, you got her tap, and therefore, everything about her that made her a witch apprentice, however though, sh
:iconkissasheep:Kissasheep 1 0
Story of Kelly, prologue and chapter 1
Dear diary, I have put my tap in the middle of the forest, I’m running away from home, so why not run from my witch life too? I also wrote down how to use it, my yousei, Mina, will stay with it, one day, someone else will take my place
Love, Ochitane
Chapter 1: what’s this?
Kelly was on a nature walk for some reason, she saw a strange thing in the woods, with a paper and a weird mouse thing
The mouse thing flew up to Kelly, scaring her, oddly telling her about what it is, she was already pressing buttons though, she eventually pressed the button on the center, a green dress and witch hat appeared, she was excited and put the dress on, she gained green earrings, her shoes turned into green boots and she gained green gloves, she put on the hat and, jokingly, said “pretty witchy Kelly-chi!”
:iconkissasheep:Kissasheep 1 0
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Palutena's Guidance: Skull Kid
Pit: So, uhhhh, this imp is my opponent? Doesn't look like anything to tough.
Palutena: That's Skull Kid, and I would be careful if I were you. He wears the powerful Majora's Mask, which makes him one of the most powerful sorcerers you will ever meet.
Pit: A sorcerer huh? Think he'll pull a rabbit out of his hat?
Palutena: More like crash to moon into the city.
Pit: That's not good. Any ideas on how to stop him?
Viridi: Glad you asked!
Pit: Viridi?!
Viridi: Yep! While Skull Kid's attacks are powerful, they do take time to reach their full strength. Just attack him while h's charging and your good to go.....unless he unleashes the attack when you charge in of course, he he he!
Pit: You....really like to see me in pain don't you?
Viridi: A bit.....
:iconsailorrwby:SailorRWBY 1 3
Smash Ultimate Predictions - 1 - New Fighters
We are still a few months away from the release of Smash Ultimate, and the hype is still going strong. With people trying to find any hints for new characters, we are left with anticipation for official announcements. So instead of listing who I WANT, let's talk about who I think will be added. This will exclude Echo Fighters, who will get their own list.
5. Phosphera and/or Magnus (Kid Icarus Uprising)
Due to her assist trophy not being seen yet, I think there is a chance to see Phosphora and Magnus in the game as a newcomer. Magnus could be a slow tanky character, while Phospera could be a fast glass cannon. I am not sure about their additions, but I feel they are two assists who not being seen yet could be hints at new fighters. I think that they are likely additions if we get more KI characters, these are two high ones, but there is an Echo Fighter I find more likely, as an Echo Fighter, but that will be talked about in a bit.
4. Amaterasu (Okami)
This one is likely for a few reaso
:iconsailorrwby:SailorRWBY 4 6
Smash Ultimate Predictions - 2 - New Echo Fighters
Continuing my predictions for Smash Ultimate here are some thoughts I have on possible Echo Fighters
5. Ken Masters (Street Fighter)
Considering he already is pretty much clone characters of Ryu in Street Fighter, they would both fit the bill. I would personally prefer Sakura, but I know Ken is more likely.
4. Funky Kong (DK)
DK is an easy character to make an Echo Fighter for. Just bring in funky, give him some effects to suit his surfer dude motif and there you go. I think Funky is very likely since he is a huge request for an Echo Fighter since the concept was announced, so I think he has a really good shot.
3. Viridi (Kid Icarus Uprising)
I think Viridi has a very strong chance of being added as an Echo Fighter for Palutena. I could easily see her being a bit faster than Palutena, but she is a bit weaker instead. They could also give her a Reset Bomb as a Final Smash, to give her another difference, but still be relatively the same as Palutena aside from some minor details.
2. Isab
:iconsailorrwby:SailorRWBY 3 0
Neko boi 6ix9ine by DevilEmoji Neko boi 6ix9ine :icondevilemoji:DevilEmoji 3 0 Disney TV Animation Scorecard by DA-PrinceAntiTheCD Disney TV Animation Scorecard :iconda-princeantithecd:DA-PrinceAntiTheCD 34 17 Top 12 video game characters by DreamMaster64 Top 12 video game characters :icondreammaster64:DreamMaster64 3 0


(I had to shorten the title)

By the way, I know this is copy-paste. 

Listen, I'm sorry :icondth-incorproductions:, if you do unblock me, I will not troll you at all anymore! Also, you can be in love with :iconwalu-sushi: if you want,  and you can do your own business without me puppeteering you around, and also I won't talk to you until April 1st. (NOT A JOKE!)

Also, I will stop commenting on all of your status posts and comparing your ship to some crackships. 

I swear this will happen if you unblock me. 

I like you as both a reviewer and a memer. 
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"The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Theme Song - Lyrics"

[Captain K'nuckles]
Flapjack. Hey, Flapjack! Come with me, we'll go and see a place called Candied Island!

Who needs Candied Island? It's safer at the docks.

[Captain K'nuckles]
But there ain't no streams of sodie pops, no tricklin' down the rocks!

It's dangerous and risky!

[Captain K'nuckles]
But adventerous and free!

Adventure, that's the life for me!

[Captain K'nuckles]
There's lollipop trees and a lemonade sea!

Doesn't sound very good to me.

The Misadventures of...


:iconthedukeofluke: Poop


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