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A fellow Waluigi fan, KokatheCat, has started a petition regarding Waluigi having his own game.
Please go sign it and (try to) make a difference! :la:



And how are you all doing this sunny spring Friday? I hope you're doing well and totally up to no good. :evillaugh:
If anyone has acquired Mario Sports Mix, do come share how it plays! C: And how Waluigi plays? Does he show character, and has he any amusing lines? :B

Stay devious,
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:pointr: The purpose of this group is to bring together as much fan art of Waluigi as possible! There is a lot of it out there, and for it to be showcased in one spot would be great for fellow fans.

:pointr: Any positive spirited images (or literature, really) are welcome, and will be put in categories according to who or what he is depicted with. :bump:

:bulletpurple: To join:
- click on the 'Join Our Group' icon
You are automatically accepted :]

:bulletyellow: To submit art:
- click on the 'Contribute Art' icon [once you're a member]
- go to the main gallery and click on the plus button in Featured





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