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What can I say , 1 tank + 1 crab makes tankcrab :)
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We loved your picture so much we made it into a game.
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This is awesome, well done, i love the concept
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...some brilliant work! do you have any tutorials by any chance?
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And with his 88mm Tiger gun it has no fear of other tankcrabs.
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hahaha...i love it! Battle Crab :D
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Dude that's pretty epic! it looks so clean, great job!
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Hey! I featured your superb artwork on my graphic design blog. I linked back to your deviantart page. I hope you don't mind!


Here is the link to my blog article: [link]
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who else would run like hell if they actually saw one of these. ok, now who would stand there and poke it with a stick. mmm thought it
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this is so cool!
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That is so cool. :)
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Haha good job ^^
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You made the crab's gun turret look completely natural. Nice job. What you should do next is take a Ferrari 360 spyder and attach spider legs to it.
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Nice blending of the crab coloring with the tank turret.
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It could be a... crank? Or a tab? Lol >_>
absolute awesomeness !!!! =D
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Really unique photo-manip. Nice work.
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hate to piss him off
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:D Love *fav* x_x
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